Martin Luther School’s “Reset for Growth”
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The Board of Directors of Martin Luther School proudly announces its strategic new initiative Reset for Growth.

“Our thrust is focused on being the best in everything we do,” stated newly appointed Acting Executive Director, Mr. James Regan, a 37-year veteran of MLS. “Starting with our facility, into which the Board just poured over a half million dollars to upgrade, update and brighten it, many other exciting growth plans are becoming realities as they have been unfolding since the beginning of this semester “ he added.

The Board’s new Reset for Growth initiative heralds other major changes, too, all intended to capitalize on its small size and diversity of its student body and staff to attract Middle School and High School students from around the world. From programs to technology to partnerships to faculty and staff to students, the resources and expertise of the school were re-evaluated and re-positioned to better serve its students--always the top priority at MLS. While part of New York City and rooted in its faith and heritage, Martin Luther School has “successfully served local students for 58 years and has had a 98% graduation rate thanks to its hard-working and dedicated faculty and staff”, stated Ms. Ann Boyle, Dean of Students and a 35-year MLS veteran. “This new re-investment is a reaffirmation and validation of what we know we can do to grow in quality and in enrollment by our Board,” she proudly stated.”

Known for its nurturing environment and record of helping each student discover and develop new skills and passions, MLS accentuates it unique combination of attributes to differentiate itself from larger schools—a major advantage in student recruitment.

Other notable changes as part of it’s Reset for Growth include the addition of a new Director of Admissions, Ms. Amanda Slinger, a new Director of Marketing, Mr. James Bunn and a new Director of International Student Recruitment, former Executive Director, Mr. Randy Gast and new efforts to build awareness. Revamping its website, freshening all its communication tools and increasing its advertising presence (as evidenced by the recent push for its re-vamped Harvest Fest and Open House) and its significantly increased presence at student recruitment Open Houses in the area are proof that this is a time of big change at MLS.

“Our programmatic differentiators are highlighted by our broad course offerings supported by our many electives, activities, athletics and our commitment to each and every student’s development whether tutoring for help or for their advancement, “ stated Assistant Principal, Mrs. Donna Younghese, herself a 16-year and passionate about MLS veteran and mother of 3 MLS students.

“Martin Luther School is like no other… small and nurturing every student, yet part of one of the greatest cities in the world, in a diverse, safe, respectful and faith-based environment right here in our neighborhood,” stated Mike Jakob, Chairman of the MLS Board of Directors. “Where else can students get this individualized and tailored attention so each one can discover and develop their own interests and “soar” the way they can at MLS?”, he asked. 

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