Live Blog: Dolphins at Jets
by NigelC
 The Bleachers
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*6:37 pm* End of 3rd Quarter, *DOLPHINS 21, JETS 17* Jets made a brief comeback, moving down field to start the third and getting a touchdown and a two point conversion. However, Pennington threw a deep ball to Ted Ginn. Miami scored shortly after. Also, Baltimore has opened up a can on Jacksonville, leading 27-7. Say good night Jets fans, season's over.

*5:58 PM* 3rd Quarter, ok folks, Baltimore leads 24-7. With the Jets season looking bleaker and bleaker,barring a miracle, I'll be back at the end of the 3rd and 4th quarter for wrap ups.

*HALFTIME: DOLPHINS 14, JETS 9* Again, we see the good and the bad of Brett Favre. He's made some pretty throws to Cotchery and Coles, but the 2 interceptions have been killer. It's a close game, but the way the Ravens are playing, it might not matter.

_Time for a quick break, back after the half._

*5:44 pm* Favre incomplete to Keller in the endzone Ball went through Keller's hands. Feely kicks a field goal. *DOLPHINS 14, JETS 9*

*5:42 pm* An illegal formation call pushes the Jets back to 1st and 15 at the 24. Complete to Stuckey to the 10. Jets spike with 8 seconds to go.

*5:40 pm* Jets marching down the field. Favre to Coles for 27 yards. Guess he's ok.

*5:34 pm* You step away for 5 seconds, and Brett Favre throws another pick, only this one is returned for a touchdown. *DOLPHINS 14, JETS 6*

Kellen Clemens is warming up. This must be bad.

*5:29 pm* Pennington long pass to Ted Ginn, *TOUCHDOWN* Kick is good. *DOLPHINS 7, JETS 6*

*5:28 pm* Pennington under pressure, avoids sack, throws to Fasano to a first down.

*5:27 pm* Nothing going for Miami. 3rd and 5 coming up.

*5:24 pm* Incomplete pass to Washington. Jets will punt.

*5:24 pm* Big play by Leon Washington on 2nd and 20. Man, he is fast. 3rd and 7 coming up.

*5:22 pm* Baltimore just took a 17-7 lead over Jacksonville. This is getting bad for the Jets.

*5:21 pm* Pennington almost picked off by Barton. Miami will punt.

*5:20 pm* Pennington to Bess. 3rd down coming up.

*5:20 pm* Another wildcat, another missed opportunity for Miami. Incomplete pass.

*5:17 pm* KICKOFF- Dolphins take the ball out to the 30.

*5:14 pm* Favre to Coles, *TOUCHDOWN* Great effort by Coles. Jets mis-snap on the extra point. *JETS 6, DOLPHINS 0*

*5:12 pm* Favre shovel pass to Leon Washington, good for a first down. Jets are clicking finally.

*5:11 pm* Jones 2 yard run.

*5:10 pm* Favre 26 yard pass to Cotchery, longest play of the game.

*5:09 pm* Jets try to Wildcat to no avail. Brad Smith hit for a 3 yard loss.

*5:06 pm* Pennington sacked, FUMBLE, Jets recover on the 50.

*5:05 pm* 3rd and 2 Miami run picks up a 1st down.

*5:05pm* Baltimore takes a 10-7 lead over Jacksonville.

*5:05 pm* 2nd and 6 Williams picks up 4. 3rd and 2 coming up.

*5:04 pm* Dolphins keep it on the ground this play, pick up 4 yards.

*5:03 pm* Rhodes intercepts Pennington, but an illegal contact flag on Ty Law takes it away and gives Miami a first down. Killer penalty.

*5:02 pm* Pennington almost picked off, 2nd and 10.

*5:01 pm* Pennington to Fasano for 11 yards. 1st down Miami.

*4:58 pm* Favre hit on a blitz. Pass incomplete. Jets will punt again.

*4:57 pm* On 3rd and 7, flag for encroachment. 5 yard penalty, 3rd and 2 coming up.

*4:54 pm* Some home for Jets fans. Jacksonville just took a 7-3 lead in the 2nd quarter.

*4:53 pm* Pennington all day, throws a 1 yard pass to Ronnie Brown, Brown gets 4 yards after catch. Dolphins will punt.

*4:52 pm* 3rd and 12 for Miami. Jets bliz, but there's a false start against Miami. 3rd and 17 coming up.

*4:46 pm* Wildcat reverse to Pennington, by Ricky Williams drops an absolutely sure touchdown.

*4:44 pm* Pennington complete to Hobbes for a 1st down.

*4:43 pm* Wildcat run by Ronnie Brown. 1st down.

*4:41 pm* Ricky Williams with a 1 yard reception for Pennington. 2nd down coming up.

*4:40 pm* Martin walked off the field. Looks like the play was ruled a catch. Martin bobbled the football. Jets should challenge, but the won't.

*4:38 pm* Incomplete pass for Miami on 3rd down, but more importantly, Miami wideout David Martin is down and not moving. He took a shot to the back of the head on the catch attempt.

*4:37pm* In Baltimore, The Ravens just missed a field goal. Still 3-0 Ravens.

*4:36 pm* Ronnie Brown stuffed for no gain.

*4:34 pm* Favre intercepted by Andre Goodman. Should've stayed on the ground.

*4:33 pm* Jones with a 4 yard run.

*4:30 pm* Dolphins punt, Jets take over at the 45. I'm expecting a big serving of Thomas Jones coming up for the Jets.

*4:30 pm* Incomplete pass. Dolphins will punt.

*4:29 pm* Ricky Williams with a 1 yard run. 3rd and 9 coming up.

*4:28 pm* Baltimore leads Jacksonville 3-0. Again, if Baltimore wins, the Jets are done.

*4:27 pm* 3rd and 3 for Miami. Williams with an 8 yard run. 1st down Miami.

*4:26 pm* 1 yard run for Ronnie Brown, almost came close to a safety. As predicted, a nice ovation for Pennington.

*4:24 pm* Great punt coverage by the Jets sticks Miami down at the 4. In comes Chad Pennington. Considering Favre's performance over the last month, I bet he gets an ovation from the crowd.

*4:23 pm* Incomplete pass to Dustin Keller. Jets will punt.

*4:23 pm* Jones picks up a yard. 3rd and 9 coming up.

*4:22 pm* Favre overthrows Coles on a sure touchdown.

*4:21 pm* Washington rushes for 4 yards, plus a 5 yard holding penalty, sets up a second and 1 for New York.

*4:20 pm* Favre complete to Leon Washington for 9 yards. 1st Down Jets.

*4:19 pm* 3rd and 6 for the Jets, neutral zone infraction on the Dolphins. Jets get a 3rd and 1.

*4:18 pm* Favre incomplete to Cotchery. Brett Favre looks like he's just throwing hard these last few games. No touch, just force.

*4:17 pm* Kickoff- Jets get the ball to start. Miami won the toss but elected to kick.

*4:10 pm* Good afternoon everyone, I'll here throughout today's Jets-Miami Dolphins game.

For those not in the know, the The Dolphins enter the game needing a win to clinch the AFC East title. The Jets need a win and a Baltimore Ravens loss to clinch a playoff spot. New England's 13-0 victory over the Buffalo Bills earlier today ensures that Jets cannot win the division crown.

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