Lessons learned?
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Dear Editor,

If Americans had solid foundations in our history, they would be more critical of the emerging Democratic Socialist platform which is a rewrite of the programs initiated in Venezuela.

Hugo Chavez’s program was to end income inequality, provide free education and get rid of privately owned guns to improve security. The Democrats added free health care for all and open borders.

Ending income inequality is literally impossible. Some people will always make more money than other people. There are rich and poor people in both capitalist and socialist countries.

The main difference is the rich in communist and socialist countries are more likely to have stolen or killed to acquire their wealth. Once you seize power in a centralist system, you’re free to take whatever you want from whoever has it.

That’s what Castro did in Cuba and what Chavez did and Maduro is still doing in Venezuela. Castro and Chavez both died very rich men.

Socialism is a mix of greed, lust, envy and slavery. If you are not allowed to own property or keep the fruit of your ideas and labor, you are enslaved. That is the ultimate promise of socialism.


Ed Konecnik


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