LBJ: Embrace Greatness While You Still Can
by John Jastremski
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John Jastremski hosts "JJ After Dark" on WFAN & CBS Sports Radio. You can listen to his show 2-6 AM Sunday & Monday morning on WFAN, and Monday evening 6-10 PM on CBS Sports Radio.
John Jastremski hosts "JJ After Dark" on WFAN & CBS Sports Radio. You can listen to his show 2-6 AM Sunday & Monday morning on WFAN, and Monday evening 6-10 PM on CBS Sports Radio.
Last weekend was a very busy weekend of sports, but while I had a few moments before my show on CBS Sports Radio, I had one of the televisions tuned to The Memorial golf tournament to check out what Tiger Woods was doing.

Woods shot the worst round of his career with an 85, comparable to one you would see on Douglaston or Marine Park golf course. Tiger Woods was on his way to becoming the greatest golfer of all time, now he’s a guy who is just another golfer.

Woods fall from grace made me think about another megastar in the sporting world who is on the top of his game, like Tiger was many moons ago.

In the first two games of the NBA Finals, it has been an absolute joy watching Lebron James, the best player on the planet will his team against the much more talented 67-win Golden State Warriors.

Without all-stars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, Lebron is essentially being asked to do everything for his Cleveland Cavaliers team.

Whether its scoring, rebounding, distributing, or defending at a ridiculously high level, the King is doing it all. I’ll make the case that Lebron may be doing more things for his team as an individual than any player in the history of the NBA.

Seriously, what can’t he do? I’ve honestly run out of adjectives and superlatives to describe Lebron’s brilliance dating all the way back to his rookie season in 2003.

We remember the games and the moments. Game 5, 2007 ECF in Detroit, Game 6 2012 ECF in Boston, or Game 7 of the Finals in 2013 against the Spurs, the best player on the planet reminded you exactly why on those specific nights.

If you needed a reminder of Lebron’s brilliance, just take a look at the Cleveland team he has playing for an NBA Championship.

Remember JR Smith? A guy who almost by himself lost Game 2 of the series with some of the dumbest fouls you will ever see! Well, JR Smith may be the second best offensive player currently for the Cavaliers.

Ask Knicks fans how that worked out? Here’s the difference. The Knicks didn’t have Lebron James leading the charge.

Lebron has a team filled with a bunch of ragamuffins playing in the NBA Finals. Yes, some of their success is attributed to the mediocrity of the Eastern Conference. However, the main reason Cleveland is back in the NBA Finals is the winning attitude and leadership Lebron has brought to the table.

His talent and leadership on and off the court has provided the Cavaliers an opportunity to steal an NBA Championship. There’s no question that if Lebron is able to pull this off it would be the greatest accomplishment of his remarkable career.

I get that there is a sentiment of Lebron haters. The way he left Cleveland in the Summer of 2010 was an absolute disgrace with “The Decision.”

Totally fair, but realize how far Lebron has come since that point. He’s won two championships, appeared in the finals five consecutive times, he’s never in trouble off the court and delivered a homecoming returning to the city of Cleveland.

So my message to you NBA fans, enjoy the King. You never know when you are going to see a player like this ever again.

Don’t compare him to Jordan, there will never be another MJ. However, there will also never be another Lebron.

Enjoy him while you can.
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