Joe Mannarino found a dog, and Facebook brought it home
by Chase Collum
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Joe Mannarino is no pushover.

In his line of work as a field manager in sales solutions with brand investors for Dell on various college campuses including NYU, USC, UCLA, Northwestern and Ohio State, he has to be savvy and discerning.

So when he saw a tiny, shivering dog wandering alone on 75 Street in Forest Hills, he knew he had to do something.

“Here it was, one of the coldest nights of the year,” Mannarino recalled. “There’s a deli about a block and a half away. Walking back from the deli, of course I’m bundled up with my ski hat on. I just see this little thing walking towards me.”

He added, “I originally think the owner must just be around the corner or something but after a minute I realized the owner wasn’t around. I say, ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ She looked at me and started walking towards 78th Avenue.”

Seeing the dog wander into the road set Mannarino into action. He stopped traffic and picked up the dog and brought it home to his residence on 74 Street where he and his wife dried her off with a towel and gave her fresh water and food.

Mannarino later explained that he was already a dog owner, so he had a soft spot for the lost dog.

Once the dog was settled in and thawing, he made a post to Facebook and linked to the Glendale Civic Association page. He then took the dog to his local veterinarian, Dr. Howard Nachamie of Mobile Vets in Forest Hills.

Nachamie provided a checkup free of charge, where he told Mannarino that the dog was about seven years old and lucky he had taken it home.

One commenter, Century 21 Real Estate Agent Sonia Juran-Kulesza, posted that she had seen someone looking for a dog earlier that day.

“I was parked on the corner of 73rd Street by the bar and a woman asked me if I had seen a little dog run by,” said Juran-Kulesza, going on to describe the erstwhile dog owner in hopes of a reconnection. “She had tears streaming down her face.”

But it wasn’t until after a long series of comments and several shares that Mannarino received a private message from Kimberly Guido, who recognized the dog.

“She messaged me and we found the owner,” Mannarino said. “Thanks to Susan Mannarino for taking care of her. Thanks to Vinny Capri for helping drive this little thing back to her owner.”

Mannarino reported that the owners were extremely relieved to have their dog Ruby home safely.

“When we got to the house, the woman was shaking I think from the whole ordeal,” Mannarino said.

“If this was ten years ago, it would’ve been black-and-white copies, and time is of the essence with these things,” he said. “Within 90 minutes we went from finding a dog to finding its owner. All is well at the end of this story.

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