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Rudolph Giuliani is contemplating a run for Governor. The man just won’t give up.

In fact, in many ways he’s very much like Rudy - the awkward, idiosyncratic main character (in the movie Rudy, of course) who won’t give up on the gridiron no matter how many poundings he takes.

Has Rudy - the former mayor, now - already forgotten his disastrous presidential campaign of 2008? The rest of the world certainly hasn’t.

It was in many ways his full-fledged introduction to the country, his fiery anti-Kerry speech at the 2004 Republican National Convention notwithstanding. The nation got its first real glimpse of Rudy last year, and very few people liked what they saw.

Remember, he had no real ideas; he espoused a viscous neo-conservatism that scared away even heartland Republicans; and, to top it all off, his enormous, wandering eyeballs scared the heck out of anyone unlucky enough to catch his television interviews.

Somehow, however, his failed presidential bid seems not to have fazed him.

At the end of the day, Giuliani is a political animal, born for the bully pulpit and the spotlight. It's almost as if he can’t help himself: when a seat opens up, he automatically considers running for it.

You get the impression he would contemplate a bid to become the mayor of Paris, or the senator of Mars, if the positions were available and his poll numbers were high enough.

Of course, he may back out in the end. Rumor has it he will wait at least until after the city election season ends in early November.

At that point, we should have a clearer picture as to whether Governor David Paterson has any chance at all to win re-election. Even if he doesn’t, he’ll probably run.

Right now, Rudy would destroy Paterson in an election, which isn’t saying much. Basically anybody would destroy Paterson, anybody at all.

Giuliani’s true opponent will likely be Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. A race between the two would be close, entertaining, and very dirty.

Who’s to say Rudy wouldn’t eek it out? He’s managed to stay relevant - and get very rich - since leaving office. His name recognition is golden.

Many New Yorkers still love him; for better or worse, he did much to clean up the city, reduce crime, and pave the way for Bloomberg to pursue his vision of developing an exclusive, upscale city.

It is possible that Giuliani could win. If he doesn’t however, don’t worry - he’ll just run again some other time.

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