Heroes Youth Basketball League of Queens Begins Registration
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download Roster form for teams
download Heroes Individual signup form
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The Heroes Youth Basketball League is the largest 'outdoor' Spring League in Queens - typically having 50 teams throughout four age divisions. Registrations for teams begins now. Download the forms here

Regular Season games are Mondays through Thurs. only, May 4 through June 17.

Playoffs - June 18 –through June 27 • Championships Tues June 28th &/or 29th @ an indoor gym

$100 Registration deposit and a copy of a partially completed roster. What needs to be complete when turning in partial roster on APRIL 19 with conflict dates along with coaches info as well as team name info for printing of team uniforms. (final rosters & payment due May 4)

email heroes@queensledger,com or call 718-639-7000 for a roster form.

You can pick up an original roster form at the Queens Ledger Office beginning NOW @ 45-23 47 St. Woodside

Coaches meeting Monday, April 25, 7PM at Arby’s in Middle Village

The Heroes Youth Basketball League is run every year since 1990, now with a 10 game-guaranteed (including play-offs) weekday-only (Mon. – Thurs) season beginning in early May with playoffs beginning mid June. The Championship games are at an indoor gym the Tuesday or Wednesday before July 4th weekend. We have schedules on the web and we use the Queens Ledger web site and emails for scheduling updates and for weather related issues. We generally have 10 or 12 teams in each division and never have games on weekends. One of the best things we accomplish is to work your schedule around conflict dates the coach supplies to us before the schedules are made. We schedule the first two weeks of the season then two weeks at a time until the playoffs. Some coaches give us dates or days they can not play, some give us earlier or later times they wish to play - including doubleheaders if wanted. We are able to accommodate 95% of the conflicts given to us. Coaches must clearly indicate conflicts on the roster sheets when they hand it in by April 19th. We give you the original roster back so you can complete it with parent’s signature and all the players on the team on the roster to be handed in complete by the first game of the season. We will place your sponsor’s name on uniforms we provide for each player if your team has a sponsor & name given to us by April 19. Teams can request up to 14 shirts.

HOW TO SIGN UP A TEAM: Fill out a roster form with coaches’ name and number, email address, name of team or sponsor you want printed on the shirt, division, list conflict dates and/or times you can’t play. Include whomever you have signed up to play for the team by April 20, take a picture with your cell phone and email it to heroes@queensledger.com OR make a copy of the roster and send it to us. Make sure we verify by relply email that we have received it. You can also pick up an original roster form at the Queens Ledger office @ 45-23 47 St. Woodside 11377. It might be easier for the parents to sign. *** NEW THIS YEAR, the parent or guardian of EVERY participant must sign a separate sheet of paper with a waiver of liability towards coaches and the league. It is included on the last sheet of this info … - It’s written big and it’s clear. You need to mail a deposit of $100 to us at the time you send the roster in to us by 4/19. As far as a final roster, you have some time. Final rosters are not due until May 5th. On the final roster all player and team information must be filled out and turned in prior to playing – including parent signature on the roster and on separate liability waiver sheet for each player. Must include email addresses, street address and guardians signature waiving league responsibility for injury. The original roster must be completely filled out by May 5.

Divisions, Rules & Eligible Ages

There are divisions for 10 years old and under for boys, and for 10 year old & under girls. 12 & under boys, 12 & under girls. 14 & under boys and 14 & under girls. 17 & under boys and 17 & under girls.

Children can play in the division as long as they do not reach the age of the next division before January 1, 2017. We follow the CYO age rules, hence a majority of our teams are CYO teams. (Example: If a boy is 10 years-old now, but turns 11 years old on December 28, 2016 - then he must play in 12 & under division). In order to have fewer lopsided scores, in age groups where we have more than 10 teams, we will schedule separate “divisions” in each age group with some crossover games. Teams which are made up of primarily the younger year in any age group will play teams their own age more often during the season if requested. Playoffs seeds will be determined by season records. All teams make playoffs. KNEE COVERINGS: Knee coverings must be worn by players on the court in all divisions. MULTIPLE DIVISIONS: Individuals may play in more than one age division on two different teams.


The games are played Mondays through Thursdays at either 5:45PM or 6:45PM primarily at Crowley Park (57th Ave. & 83 St.) in Elmhurst and Frontera Park in Maspeth. We might also play Reiff Park, Maurice (Principe) Park in Maspeth, Dry Harbor Park (80th St & Myrtle Ave.) in Glendale. Juniper Valley Park in Middle Village or Bush Park in Woodside. We only play Fridays if rain has extended our season.

Referees & Game Summaries

The 10 & 12 year old divisions have one referee, the 14 and 17 have two referees. Game summaries are printed in the newspapers every week and on web sites in the sports section of the Queens Ledger Newspapers, which include the Queens Ledger, Greenpoint Star, Brooklyn Downtown Star, Glendale Register, LIC Journal, Forest Hills Times, Leader/Observer and Queens Examiner of Eastern Queens. Final scores as well as high scorers are included in the weekly reports. If rosters are properly filled out by the deadline date, each participant will receive a one-year subscription to the newspaper (compliments of the league sponsors).

Costs & Registration & Reserve Your Team Spot

For an entire team... for 10 and 12 & under is $500 (one referee).

Costs for 14 and 17 & under is $600 (2 referees).

Cost includes all referee fees. Checks should be made out to Heroes

For players who sign up without a team…. Costs for an individual is $75 per individual in any division. (We typically have teams who need players but we can not guarantee placement. We will return the fee if we can not place your child on a team.)

Teams are encouraged to get sponsors. If they do, they supply us with the name of the sponsor by April 19 and that name will be printed on the back of the team shirts we provide. The name of the team in the news reports will be the sponsor name. .Each player will receive a team shirt, All referees are high school or CYO referees. 14 players per team maximum please. Coaches must note conflict days or dates on roster form submitted before the schedules are made. 12 team shirts will be given out unless coaches request more shirts.

Pick up roster forms: - 9am till 5pm at the offices of the Queens Ledger Newspapers 45-23 47 Street, Woodside 11377. 718-639-7000. Call EARLY to reserve your spot... Please sign up by April 20 so your team does not get shut out from playing. If a player has participated in our league before and a birth certificate was submitted, it need not be submitted again.

Coaches Meeting – April 27 @ 7PM – FREE FOOD

Coaches should attend the coaches meeting to pick up team shirts on Monday, April 25th 7PM @ Arbys - 70th Street at Metropolitan Ave. Middle Village.. All schedules will be on line at www.queensledger.com under the SPORTS tab.

You can always call 718-639-7000 for questions – or email heroes@queensledger.com


1. Rainouts and league info is posted on the website www.queensledger.com at 5PM. All teams must report to the court unless the games are cancelled due to weather. Coaches and players could should log on to the website www.queensledger.com any time after 5PM to see schedules and if the games are still on. If the top listing in the sports section says All Heroes Basketball games are cancelled today, then do not report to the court. If nothing appears on the web site then the referee is in charge of canceling the game at the court. If either coach feels it is not safe to play AND the referee agrees then the game will be cancelled. Whatever you usually pay for texts is how much will be charged.

2. Make sure the score keeper has all names written on the score sheet SPELLED CORRECTLY before the game starts. Scores will be reported in the following weekly newspapers: QUEENS LEDGER, GLENDALE REGISTER, FOREST HILLS TIMES, LONG ISLAND CITY JOURNAL, LEADER-OBSERVER of Woodhaven, QUEENS EXAMINER, GREENPOINT STAR, BROOKLYN DOWNTOWN STAR.

3. If there is any problem with the game, a coach should email the heroes hotline heroes@queensledger.com or tell the referee at the court. If, in rare case the referee is not at the court, the score keeper will call the referee assigner from the court. The scorekeeper turns in the scores to the web site and the league.

6. Playoffs will begin the week after the regular season ends. Coaches will go to the web site www.queensledger.com & look in SPORTS to see all schedules.

7. All players must wear knee covering. Foul out with 6 personal fouls. 1 & 1 on 7, 2 shots on 10 team fouls.

8. Full court pressing is allowed in all divisions. Full court pressing is not allowed by a team winning by 16 points or more. In the 14s & 17 & under, no pressing with 21 point or more lead. You can always pick up after half court.

9. Four time outs per game two fulls and two 30 second. Referee is the timekeeper. With under a minute in game ONE time out is permitted where team can move the ball from under basket to 3/4 front court.

10. Ejection from game means one game suspension. With any other suspension it is to the discretion of the referee at the game.

Schedules and other info at www.queensledger.com

In order to have added liability protection for coaches, referees and league officials we ask that you have a parent or guardian sign an understanding of risk and liability in order to play;


Waiver of Liability

In consideration of being allowed to participate, in any way, in Heroes Basketball League related events & activities, the undersigned understands, agrees to abide by and acknowledges that participation in this amateur athletic league(s) constitutes a risk of serious injury, including permanent paralysis to the participant. In consideration for the participant named below being permitted to participate in this athletic league(s) at any time during the season, the undersigned, prior to participation will inspect the facilities and equipment to be used and if they believe anything is unsafe, they will immediately advise their coach/captain, supervisor or referee of such condition(s) and refuse to participate. The undersigned here voluntarily recognizes, accepts and assumes such risk of an activity which includes ‘contact,’ and releases the Heroes League, at parks and site venues, league officers or officials, sponsors ,event organizers, insurers and employees from any liability resulting from such participation.

In addition, the undersigned waives all rights or recovery for personal injury or injury to property and agrees to hold harmless the Heroes Basketball League, its officers and the above noted affiliates from and against any and all liability, losses, claims, damages, judgements, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees, for personal injury or injury to property arising from or related to (directly or indirectly) the participants participation in the Heroes Basketball League.


Team name, if applicable: _____________________________

Player Name:_________________________

Parent, Guardian Signature______________________________

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