He moves in mysterious ways
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Mayor Michael Bloomberg, despite all of his billions of dollars and financial media empire, is just like you and me. If you don't believe us, just look at all of his campaign literature.

There's countless shots of the mayor with his sleeves rolled up, standing outside of subway stops talking to regular Joes like you and us, hearing about the issues of everyday New Yorkers, when he could easily be holed away in some fancy restaurant whose location is top secret and only disclosed to the well-heeled, lest some ordinary couple decide to splurge for their 25th wedding anniversary and actually catch a glimpse of high-society New York City.

You might think that Mayor Bloomberg, as would be the wont of somebody possessing his financial largesse, would prefer to spend his free evenings catching a performance of Don Pasquale at the Met or entertaining Nobel Prize laureates in the parlor of his posh townhouse, and not spending it catching some rock and/or roll concert at Giants Stadium. But that's exactly what the mayor did last week when he took in a show by socially conscious mega-rockers U2.

And just like you, he suffered through interminable traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge just so he could see Bono and the boys jam on “One” with his very own eyes and hear it with his very own ears. Just kidding – he took a helicopter!

Okay, he didn't actually take a helicopter to the show, but he did take it to New Jersey, where he hopped into a waiting car, which then whisked him to Giants Stadium, where we are told he sung along to every word of “Where the Streets Have No Name.” (Okay, that last bit is unverified.)

The mayor later admitted that perhaps the helicopter ride was a bit excessive, just before he saw the U2 singer off in his very own environmentally friendly Bono-pod, which he was taking – at very near the speed of light, mind you – to some impoverished African nation where he would attempt to cure AIDS and restore their entire financial system and then make it back to Boston for an 8 p.m. show.

Are you shocked that the mayor likes U2? You shouldn't be. The mayor and Bono are old-time friends, with the enigmatic singer saying in 2007 after meeting the mayor of our fair city that he thought Bloomy would make a good president. High praise indeed.

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