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Dear Editor,

While much of the press and public continue to focus on the sex scandals surrounding Donald Trump, other important topics, such as Trump's constant praising of two controversial WW II generals, Douglas MacArthur and George Patton, have been overlooked.

MacArthur, a general who almost started another world war, advocated dropping atom bombs on China. He was fired for insubordination by President Harry Truman.

Patton was described by British General Alan Brooke as "good for operations requiring thrust and push, but at a loss for any operation requiring skill and judgment." Eisenhower refused to allow Patton to lead the First Army in the D-Day invasion, picking Patton subordinate Omar Bradley instead.

Both MacArthur and Patton were known to be narcissistic and flamboyant self-promoters who when faced with criticism reflexively responded with an attitude of my way or the highway. Sound familiar?


Martin H. Levinson

Katherine Liepe-Levinson

Forest Hills
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