GOP shows it true colors
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Dear Editor:

Finally, the Republicans are laying down their ground rules.

First, they won't eliminate tax breaks for big oil, and now the party of small government wants to bring back earmarks.

With all of their ranting about fiscal responsibility and deficit reduction they want to introduce earmarks and become the party of pork. This is worse than cronyism. This is give me your votes and I'll give you all the money you want for your pet projects.

Does the Bridge to Nowhere ring a bell? If you can't get a bill passed without buying votes, then it shouldn't be passed. Re-write it or chuck it in the nearest dumpster.

Let's go back to killing good legislation with attachments that only benefit a handful of people. All of these congressmen want to sneak in earmarks to satisfy the big contributors to their reelection. Their actions speak much louder than their words.

It's okay Republicans, nobody ever really bought your line about fiscal responsibility anyway.


Charles Merendino

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