GOP must refute Trump
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Dear Editor,

On August 2nd, 1934, the German Army assembled and stated with arms raised, “I swear by God this sacred oath to the Leader of the German Empire and people, Adolph Hitler….”

On March 5, 2016, Trump asked supporters to raise their right arms and “solemnly swear” that they would vote for him.

Remarkable how few have condemned Trump for the re-enactment of 1934. Powerfully absent is the revulsion to those who complied.

The efforts by mainstream Republicans to avoid alienating Trump’s supporters defines them as willing to sell out morals for political expediency.

The Republican Establishment is twisting and turning in all manner of contrivances to deny Trump the nomination while keeping his supporters loyal to the party.

Does there not come a time that principles overtake political opportunism? When a soul is traded to the devil can the consequences be surprising?

Some establishment Republicans reputedly are supporting Ted Cruz as the Trump alternative. The belief is that Trump will destroy the party while Cruz will lose, but keep intact the Republican brand.

But without rejecting the extremists that would follow Trump regardless of any offense or violation to the Constitution or Bill of Rights, what would be a legitimate Republican Party?


Ed Horn


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David Safrany
April 11, 2016
I'm posting this comment to the Leader-Observer because I was raised in Woodhaven (and now live in California.)

There has been so much hatred directed at Donald Trump lately by what are obviously coordinated “cut and paste” efforts, taken from internet propaganda sites to smear him, and who are trying to paint him as some kind of xenophobic monster, fascist, sexist, Hitler clone, bigoted, business bankrupter, con man, womanizer – you name it.

I feel compelled to counter some of these vicious attacks. It’s very comforting for naive persons led by organized political activists to attack someone by hiding behind perceived shields of religion, patriotism and other kinds of political correctness.

I want to make clear that this is not an endorsement of Donald Trump in any way. However, there are always two sides to every story. I only want to put things into a clear perspective

A lot of people have been conditioned to believe that Donald Trump’s success was primarily owed to his “Daddy’s money.” Nonsense! Anyone who has ever owned a business knows that it takes a lot more than money to run a business. I can assure you that Donald Trump has put in, and still puts in, a lot of sleepless nights worrying about his business ventures. I also guarantee that he has earned every penny of his efforts – just like every other successful businessperson in the world.

His father, Fred, started his first business – a very successful market called Trump Market in Woodhaven, Queens -- coincidentally my childhood hometown! Fred Trump could easily be the poster person for the American Dream; Rightly or wrongly, his son Donald, is now the premier Manhattan Real Estate developer and ambassador of elegant American capitalism at its finest. Yes, his father left him a significant inheritance which certainly helped him succeed in his business ventures, but so what? I am also a serial entrepreneur, on a smaller scale of course, and many times I wished that I had a rich father. But, I didn’t; yet I never begrudged anyone’s business successes.

Professional political propagandists want naive people to think of Donald Trump as a rude, crude braggart and blowhard. Nothing could be farther from the truth! He may not speak eloquently (of which I am sure that he can when a black tie occasion demands it} but he has a genuinely honest style. He doesn’t need to cover stupidity with polished phoniness. He’s only being a true native New Yorker: sometimes loud, sometimes argumentative, sometimes obnoxious, sometimes aggressive, sometimes polished, but always sincere (unlike long-term permanently ensconced politicians). OWING A LOT TO THEIR NEW YORK VALUES, NEW YORKERS GENERALLY SAY WHAT THEY MEAN AND MEAN THEY SAY. It’s a characteristic of successful entrepreneurs to take great pride in their accomplishments and they enjoy talking about them. Donald Trump has rightfully earned bragging rights for his achievements. (I, like him, also take pride in my accomplishments and like to talk about my rightfully earned achievements.)

Professional political propagandists want naive people to believe that he is racist, sexist and anti-immigration. More nonsense! Business people are too busy to concern themselves with a person’s color, origin, sexual or any other preferences. Donald Trump didn’t build a diversified, multinational world-class organization by excluding from his business ventures blacks, women, Saudis, Israelis, Muslims, Mexicans, Cubans or any other potential customers.

Professional political propagandists want naive people to fault him for his personal life and especially his choice of women. He’s a wealthy celebrity who married a woman who in her own right was a celebrity model. What’s the matter with that?

Professional political propagandists want naive people to paint him as being a Hitler clone. More nonsense! Adolph Hitler came from a modest Austrian family and aggressively rose to power through manipulative political maneuvering. Donald Trump became a multinational builder of exclusive tangible properties through his ambition, hard work and determination to further his family's American Dream.

Professional political propagandists want naive people to paint him as some kind of incompetent playboy jerk who has bankrupted several businesses. More nonsense! Businesses go bankrupt all the time and for many reasons: major economic recessions, changing fashions and fads, unexpected natural disasters, raw material shortages, political pandering to anti-business activists etc. Think: super storm Sandy, hurricane Katrina, the Northridge earthquake, the Phuket tsunami, TWA, United Airlines, GM, Sears, AIG, Lehman Bros, etc. I guarantee that the recent push for a nationwide $15 minimum wage will bankrupt even more businesses – maybe even some of Donald Trump’s!

Professional political propagandists want naive people to paint him as a con artist who has been, and is being, sued many times. Again, anyone who has ever been in business, gets sued sooner or later: Someone slips on your sidewalk, you or an employee back a truck into someone’s building, an employee drops hot coffee into a customer’s lap, a disgruntled employee accuses you of unfairly firing him, etc. There is an entire industry of desperate lawyers just stomping at the bit to sue for any of these reasons and plenty more. Look at all the TV ads by these shady law firms.

Professional political propagandists urge naive people to poke fun at the time that he served Trump wine and steaks at one of his earlier political events to woo voters. What did his critics expect him to serve: Kentucky Fried chicken and coleslaw, with bottled water – like they do at many small town church picnics? Serving quality food to important guests in a world class Trump venue is an elegant sign of mature etiquette and political savviness.

Professional political propagandists want naive people to paint him as an uncaring rich person insensitive to anyone else's personal feelings. More nonsense! When Ted Cruz stupidly and ignorantly attacked Donald Trump’s “New York values” on national television, he instantly responded without hesitation that he lost several friends in the 9/11 attacks on his beloved Manhattan. THIS WAS ESPECIALLY MEANINGFUL FOR ME AS AN EX-NEW YORKER, BECAUSE I, TOO, HAPPENED TO BE IN NEW YORK ON 9/11. No compassion? Just more BS from Trump haters!

I could go on and on, but, lastly, professional political propagandists want naive people to paint him as a political bumpkin who understands business, but doesn’t know how the world of politics works. THIS IS THE BIGGEST NONSENSE OF ALL! I can assure you that Donald Trump learned from his Dad at a very early age how to deal with politicians at all levels – both in the U.S. and internationally.

If any readers want to learn about Donald Trump’s world class business empire, unclouded by propaganda, visit the Trump Organization‘s website at:

If any readers want to learn about Donald Trump’s positions on important national issues, visit:

It should be abundantly clear to anyone that Donald Trump is at least as qualified to be President than all 545 of the U.S.’s current “leaders” put together.

David Safrany

Lake View Terrace, CA