Clinton's free ride
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Dear Editor,

In the October 27th issue, Ed Horn's wrote a letter about Donald Trump not paying taxes and his supposed indifference to Americans.

Mr. Trump did not pay, that is true. What he did may be unethical or immoral, but was entirely legal. It was made possible by lawmakers such as Hillary Clinton.

Among others who took advantage of the laws were the wealthy friends of the Clintons. The bundles they saved were given as contributions to both the Clinton Foundation and her campaign efforts.

Hillary Clinton's sole goal is the presidency at any expense, and she too is only concerned about herself. Unlike Mr. Trump, she is a seasoned politician who has mastered brilliantly the art of deception. Unfortunately, there are voters who fall for her lies and corruption.

Mr. Trump is condemned because he is not an establishment politician. Mrs. Clinton has basically gotten a free ride because she is. Her policies will further sink an America which has already begun its decline.


Edward Riecks

Howard Beach

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