CitiField Opener: Padres at Mets Running Diary
by NigelC
 The Bleachers
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Well, this is going to be a much different liveblog than in weeks past. Unfortunately I can't connect to the internet here in swanky CitiField, so rather than keep a liveblog of a game you're probably watching online, I'll throw some insights into the game.

8:15PM We're starting here in the top  of the 4th inning. Mike Pelfrey has been pretty shaky thus far, giving up a home run on the second pitch of the game. He's actually been literally shaky, as he fell down on a pitch delivery in the second inning. The Mets are losing, but since we're in a new stadium, no one seems to care. Wonder how long the grace period will last. Pirates fans got sick of it pretty fast.

8:17PM John Franco entered the press box to talk about “his memories”' whatever that means. Gonna go see.

8:2PM  Franco likes the ballpark. He noted that it's going to take a “pretty good shot” to hit a home run. Interestingly, both Seaver and Franco were brought to the press room during the Mets at bats. Coincidence? I think not.

8:22PM Beltran was just robbed of a double on a leaping catch by Gerut. Mets still losing 4-1.

8:25PM Mets fans, I commend you for cheering Daniel Murphy for making a catch in the 3rd inning. I appreciate sarcasm, and that was dripping with it.

8:26PM Gonzalez hits a home run off the Pepsi porch. The boos are really starting to come down. Maybe Johan should have gotten an extra day's rest and pitched this game. He certainly couldn't be any worse.

8:31 PM Bud Selig just stopped by the press box (during a Padres at bat, in case you were wondering.) Selig talked about how all of the new ballparks are unique and then listed how each stadium tries to replicate a feature of an old ballpark (CitiField's copying of the Pepsi Porch in Detroit, for example.) Oh Bud, I love you contradictions. Selig also called Wrigley and Fenway “cathedrals” and said that they should be preserved “for as long as possible.” (Guess the old Yankee Stadium was just chopped liver.)

8:36PM Schneider just walked. I wanna see a come back. An opening day drubbing would suck. Speaking of drubbing, I'm hearing that the Yankees are losing 9-0. Guess the bullpen problems have made their way to the Bronx.

8:39PM Castillo flies out to center. Gary Sheffield pinch hits for Pelfrey. Crowd gets kinda interested. And there's Gary's crazy bat waggle. Good times.

8:41PM Sheffield grounds into a fielder's choice. Schneider out at second. But at least we got the bat waggle.

8:42PM Reyes walks. Now awaiting Daniel “Big Moment” Murphy. Padres have a meeting on the mound, but Sliva stays in. “Big Moment” better make him pay.

8:45PM “Big Moment” comes through with a single to right! Sheffield scores 5-2 Padres. The Heartthrob is up next.

8:47PM The line on Pelfrey: 5 Innings 8 Hits 5 Runs 2 Walks 3 Strikes out 2 Home Runs and 1 hilarious tumble. The heartthrob is still up. Is this suspense I'm starting to feel?

8:49PM Count goes full to Wright with 2 outs and 2 on. AND HE HITS A HOME RUN TO LEFT! Wow! Tie game with one swing! 5-5 All. 390 Feet, Wright's first homer of the year.

8:50PM Sliva comes out of the game. I told you the Mets would make them pay for keeping him in. Edward Mujica comes in. This is now fun because the game is in the hands of the bullpens, and for a change Mets fans don't seem to look depressed about that.

8:52PM Sliva's line: 4 2/3 Innings 5 Hits 5 Runs 3 Walks 2 Strikeouts 1 Home Run. Mujica gets Delgado to fly out to deep center.

8:54PM Brian Stokes is pitching for the Mets. I covered him when he was in the minors with New Orleans last year. We've both made it to the majors. “Sniff.” Amen' brother. Now don't blow the lead.

8:55PM Speaking of the minors, how come Valentino Passcucci never made it up? That man could swing a big stick!

8:56PM Church misplays a fly ball to right and it rolls into the crevice. That crevice will claim many victims over the next 40 years. Rodriguez to third on the error.

8:58PM Edgar Gonzalez is pinch hitting for Mujica. There's a meeting on the mound. And Stokes is staying in.

9:00PM Gonzo grounds to Wright. Rodriguez stays at third. The heartthrob made a great play with his glove too.

9:01PM Pedro Feliciano is now pitching. You know what that means. Asprin time!

9:05PM Feliciano has Eckstein down 0-2 and throws a ball. Why is David Eckstein, who won two World Series and was even Series MVP, playing for the Padres? Is he some kinda tiny prima dona, who leads teams to championships but destroys chemistry?

9:07PM Feliciano balked, Rodriguez scores. I hope you had that Asprin ready. I told you you'd need it.

9:08PM Almost unnoticed by everyone, Eckstein doubles to center.  

9:09PM Giles grounds out to end the inning. Big boos for Feliciano. No one likes a balk. Even the Mets PA announcer sounded mad when he said “The San Diego Run is unearned. NOT EARNED.”

9:13PM Beltran gets a single to extend his hit streak. Now comes Church, who pops up and out.

9:20PM Castillo gets on, Jeremy Reed pinch hits for Feliciano. No nicknames for Reed, he'll have to earn his.

9:21PM Reed with a sad little pop up that eats up Rodriguez. Bases loaded with 2 outs for Jose Reyes. Get a hit here or Manuel will cut you.

9:23PM Reyes flies out to left.

9:25PM Shawn Green is now pitching for the Mets.

9:31PM Green gets Kouzmanoff to ground into a fielder's choice

9:33PM The line of Feliciano 2/3 Inning 1Hit 0 Runs 0 Strikeouts 1Balk and shattered dreams of little Mets fan kids everywhere.

9:34PM Green strikes out Hundley, inning over.

9:38PM “Big Moment” Murphy is up. Broke his bat on a pitch, and strikes out on the next pitch.

9:39PM Here comes David Wright. The Heartthrob came through last time. This time he toys with everyone's hearts by driving a pitch up out to center. Long loud out.

9:42PM Delgado strikes out. And the boos are back.

9:42PM The Mets are bringing out JJ Putz even though they're trailing. They're like a kid showing off their new toy. It's kinda adorable.

9:44PM Putz walks Rodriguez. Everth Cabrera is a pinch hitter.

9:48PM Cabrera tries a bunt that lands in Putz glove. Fail.

9:49PM Wild pitch from Putz moves Rodriguez to third. This is what happens when you try to show off your toys at inappropriate times.

9:50PM Fans are trying the wave in center field.

9:54PM With 2 outs and a runner on 3rd, Putz and Eckstein are battling.

9:55PM Tonights attendance: 41,741. A sellout.

9:56PM Eckstein walks. Now comes Brian Giles, who I think has the coolest plain name ever.

9:57PM Giles hits it to Putz, who fields to Delgado. Inning over.

10:00PM Beltran is up to lead off the inning. Beltran promptly pops up and out.

10:01PM Church time. Church breaks his bat and grounds to 2nd.

10:02PM Has this been a quick inning thus far or what?

10:04PM Schneider grounds out. It's time for K-Rod. Not surprisingly, there's no Sandman.

10:09PM Adrian Gonzalez leads off the inning. Rodriguez sets him down swinging.

10:10PM Headley flies out to right.

10:11PM K-Rod sets down the fathers in order. Last licks for the Mets coming up.

10:13PM Heath Bell is pitching for the Padres.

10:15PM Castillo is up to lead off. And he grounds out to third.

10:16PM Fernando Tatis is pinch hitting. Bell with a HIGH wild pitch. And would you believe Mike Bloomberg caught it?

10:19PM Tatis flies out to right. Reyes is the last hope.

10:20PM Reyes flies out to third and the Padres beat the Mets 6-5. And just like the last game at Shea, the first game at CitiField ends in a Mets loss. Also like the last game at Shea, the Mets bullpen gives up the lead late, and the Mets are unable to mount a comeback. The Mets fall to 3-4.

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