Carousel off to a bad start
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Dear Editor:

What a farce.

My wife and I went up to Forest Park on Sunday, May 27, to see the newly opened carousel, only to find a few problems with it.

First, there are no signs on any of the roads leading to Forest Park, except for a tiny sign on Woodhaven Boulevard. Anyone driving past can not see this sign and would not know that the carousel is located there. My wife asked the fellow at the ticket booth why there was not a larger sign and he stated that they did not have a permit for such a sign. Why not?

Second, we were standing with a group of people waiting to purchase tickets for the ride. The fellow at the booth said that the ride was not running right now, and he did not know how soon it would be. I guess the other fellow on the ride, who was sweeping the carousel floor with a broom and doing it very slowly, was the cause.

Third, the concession stand was not open and we were informed that it would not be open until July.

There must have been 40 or 50 men, women and children watching a clown show next to the concession stand, who probably would have bought something to eat or drink while watching the show. I know that the wife and I had hoped to buy a frank of two and something to drink while we were there.

Fourth, there are no benches and tables to sit at while at the carousel. Do they expect people to stand there while they eat and drink (when the stand opens) and watch the ride. In the past, we used to go there and hang out with our friends and enjoy the afternoon and sometimes the evenings while partaking of the food and drinks at the concession stand.

The big question is, if after all the publicity and hoopla about the opening of the carousel from all of the local politicians, who like to see their names and faces in the local papers, will these problems continue to exist.

The answer will probably come back that it is the concessionaire's problem and responsibility. I do not think so!

This is surely not a good start for the carousel. How do they expect to make money and bring people to the park and the ride if they do not know where it is and you have nothing there for them when they get there?

I'm hoping to see some improvement soon.


Tom Biglin


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