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By Rachelle Nones
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Timing Is Everything
by RachelleN
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     While I was living in Nashville, I was continually learning about different plants and flowers that were native to the region. As I walked through a field one day, I spotted a cluster of dainty mystery plants sprouting soft downy globes of milky white seeds perched high atop long slender green stems. I experienced my usual “wished I’d brought my camera along” angst and thought about returning to photograph them.

       Fast forward to the next morning. I grabbed my camera and headed out to revisit the striking plants. Huh? The wind had beaten me to them.  Spare strands of filmy translucent wisps remained intact but the bare plants that had been artfully revised by nature looked nothing like the striking delicate beauties I had glimpsed the day before.

      Although similar opportunities would present themselves in the future, I knew that the sunlight would never again shed light on those fragile white blooms in exactly the same manner. Dozens of other changes would also occur over time. The moment had passed. A creative opportunity slipped through my hands because I hesitated when I should have acted. Lesson learned. 

      Have you ever missed out on a creative opportunity because you hesitated when you should have acted?

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