Brooklyn pol says "Stop the Sag"
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The Belt Parkway doesn't actually run through State Senator Eric Adams' district, but he sure wishes it did, so to speak.

Adams recently made a video urging young black youth in his district to “Stop the Sag,” or in other words, pull up their damn pants!

The short video features footage from the streets of Brooklyn, presumably, of mostly young men walking the streets in pants that, quite frankly, redefine the definition of “sagging.” You've probably seen the style: pants that fall just below the butt, exposing the wearer's taste in underwear, barely kept in place by the combination of a belt and an artful shuffle.

On the surface, the video is pretty entertaining (we first saw it over at, where you can see it for yourself) - a buttoned-up ex-cop turned elected official offering fashion advice to the youth in his district. In fact, it's kind of hard not to chuckle just a little bit when Adams delivers this message: “If we raise our pants, we raise our image.”

Adams likens the sagging pants to other images that have negatively depicted African-Americans, such as characters in black face. The only difference is that the sagging pants – which Adams says originated in prison culture – is young black people intentionally making themselves look foolish, not the other way around.

Sure, Pol Position admits we had a pretty good laugh the first time we saw the video. “Really?” we thought. “Questionable fashion sense is what is occupying the minds of our representatives up in Albany?”

But the more we watched it, the more we respected Adams for putting himself out there on an issue that most people will laugh off, but does actually influence the way people judge a portion of his constituents, as well as the way the wearer feels about him or herself. The more we thought about it, the more we realized that it was a gutsy move on the part of Adams, and one that shows he is actually much more hands-on in his district than a lot of other politicians who go up to the state capital.

In fact, it inspired Pol Position to take a stand of our own, but instead of sagging pants we're focusing our sights on another problematic fashion choice: skinny jeans. While the pants employed in The Sag could provide ample coverage, pants employed in the The Skinny do not even come close to meeting the challenge of clothing the wearer's body.

The discomfort that this causes in social situations leads our youth into drinking copious amounts of PBR and smoking cigarettes to cope, as well as refusing to comb their hair or wash their other clothes to draw attention away from the fact that we can all see the top of their butt every time they bend their knees more than 15 degrees.

That's why Pol Position has started our “Stop the Skinny” campaign. Sure, some people out there will laugh, but have you seen the socio-economic conditions in Williamsburg lately? Only once are young people wear proper-fitting pants can we take back our neighborhoods from the exploitive bars and overpriced Thai-fusion restaurants that prey on them.

Kids: “Hide your crack, get your respect back.”

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