Bring back the draft
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Dear Editor:

In my humble opinion I think it is about time to bring back the draft.

We are now involved in two wars and maybe three if you consider our activities in Libya. We now have many of our young men and women out of work and some are getting in trouble with the law. If we had a draft we could put many back to work in the military.  We would be training our youth and giving them the education and the necessary skills to compete in private industry.

Todays' military has much to offer our young people, like positive goals and directions as well as a sense of duty and responsibility. I also feel this would reduce unemployment and promote growth for the economy because these men and women would be paying taxes. We have many of our young people who are highly educated and yet can't find employment. By establishing a draft we get to bring together many people from different works of life and numerous cultures.

We are involved all over the world and an all volunteer army will not get the job done to protect our vital interests. It is time to face reality as a nation in that we need our best and finest. Here is something else to think about: a year ago Congressman Charles Rangel proposed the same idea. His reason is that if there was a draft the rich power brokers would think twice about starting another war if their children would be force to fight and die. He made a good point. So let's do it.


Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

Glen Oaks Village
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July 01, 2011
The seperation of the haves and have nots is larger now since the time of the great depression.

This has forced the poor to have the military as the only option to have anything.

Money,jobs,insurance,etc...In a sense it is forced slavery by the millitary on the poor.

They have no other options but serve and protect the oil.It is either do this or starve..Yes I agree with Rangle that the draft should come back..and have the children of the rich be put in harms way for the greed of their glutenous fathers and greedy mothers...they bleed RED just like the poor..not blue