Biviano takes his case straight to big media
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Like getting mail? Then you must love it every time an election comes around!

You know how we know that State Senator Toby Stavisky is working hard? Because our mailbox tells us so. At least that's what one intern here at the paper (the paid staffers won't actually talk to the folks in Pol Position anymore after a well-rehearsed roast of the editorial department we pulled off at the last office Christmas party after working up the courage with one too many Night Train Express Egg Nog concoctions) told us after they got lost at Ledger/Star headquarters and wandered into our dank basement cubicles. (They tried to leave right away, but we forced them into awkward conversation.)

Said intern told us that last week, in the span of about three days, they received approximately six mailings from Stavisky showing off all of the hard work she has been doing in the district, and why she deserves your vote. Of course, Stavisky isn't the only elected official who ups her profile come election time with official mailings in a thinly disguised act of campaigning.

However, if you aren't lucky enough to be counted among our worthy elected officials but are looking to join their ranks, you're forced to send out self-promoting campaign literature, which if you don't have an impressive resume of public service, can look a little sad and pathetic. The best way to get your name out there is to get into the media, which gives you a certain sense of authority and import that a flimsy campaign mailing can't quite muster.

While we here at the paper make it our job (or somebody's job, we don't really know how it gets done) to know about all of the candidates out there, no matter how slim their chances of actually pulling off a victory, it can be a lot harder to get the attention of the big boys out there, you know, outlets like the New York Times and the Daily News and New York One.

So Doug Biviano, who is running against Assemblywoman Joan Millman in Brooklyn, went directly to them, instead of waiting for them to come to him.

Biviano visited the offices of several large media outlets out there and demanded to know why they refused to do their job and cover the challengers in political races when those same media outlets are often critical of the incumbents those challengers are looking to unseat.

Biviano's quest began at the unmarked grave of John Peter Zenger in the graveyard of Trinity Church. Zenger was jailed in 1732 for printing unfavorable stories about the government, which Biviano implies today's media outlets don't have the guts to do.

From there, Biviano heads to the New York Times, where the editorial board hangs up on him. Then he heads to the Daily News, where he is denied a sit down with that paper's editorial board, even thought that same group of editors labeled Millman one of the “Albany Bums to Throw Out” just last month.Biviano also makes stops at WNBC and NY1, where he is gets similar results.

Thankfully for us, Biviano had a video camera follow him around all day! You can watch his ten-minutes of Michael Moore-esque footage here.

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