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Dear Editor:

One frequent letter writer and rabid liberal hater, always blasts “liberals” as being Socialists and takers and those who want the government to take care of everything for everyone. They want more doles and handouts, he says.

He then contrasts his twisted opinion with fiction writer Ayn Rand’s writing. She, he believes, offers a sound template for a great society based on the government being neutered. He insists that lives in that make-believe society would be more “American” with everybody for himself.

His argument sets up a false view of Liberalism, then uses fiction nonsense to condemn it. Liberals, or progressives, by definition are broad-minded folks who tolerate different views and behaviors in others. They are progressive socially and politically, favoring reforms that advance the culture, protect personal freedoms, and embrace a government that works for everyone.

We believe that government is our friend, since “we the people” are the government. We believe the government’s role is one of promoting the general welfare, and having an inclusive hand in our lives by providing a safe environment and laws that protect and assist all of our countrymen and our way of life.

Contrast that with conservatives who are in favor of preserving the status quo, keeping traditional values and customs in spite of social changes, and in general hate change or anything to do with government inclusion in our society.

Government is to be feared, they say. Their world is one of exclusion rather than inclusion. The Libertarians even go so far as to not want any government at all, leaving us in a free-fall society.

Tea was thrown into the bay in Massachusetts because the Dutch East India Company had monopolistic control on all tea imports. The “free-market” rebels wanted to bust up the monopoly by importing tea on their own, so they threw British tea into the harbor in protest.

The conservatives would have sided with the monopoly because big business is good, disruption is bad, and the hooligans would have been sought out and jailed. The result would have been containment. We would never have had a Constitution or a Bill of Rights written in our own words. It was the liberals and progressives of that time who launched the American Revolution. Be thankful for that.

How ironic.


Tyler Cassell


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