A grim reality
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Dear Editor:

The question this election series is not “Where is the beef?” rather is there reality left in American politics? Regardless of the winner Congress will remain split, denying the White House the means of implementing its agenda upon which it was elected.

The Democrats have a proven track record of no cohesion and divided loyalties preventing a Democratic president legislative authority. The Republicans are unilaterally committed to never raise taxes while some would accept the consequences of defaulting on the national debt.

Yet the recession had its origins in a Republican Administration that did not include in its budget two wars, a prescription drug program and large cuts in the tax obligation of the wealthy while abandoning regulatory oversight.

The current House passes legislation the Senate would never agree upon. The Senate does the same knowing the House will reject its proposed legislation. The White House swings with party loyalties.

One-party rule proved no advantage during Obama’s first two years. A Republican landslide may prove of no advantage to a Romney Administration. A White House controlled by one party with Congress held by the other in the current philosophical divide holds little promise for any meaningful programs that would benefit the American people.

That is the dark reality of 2012. There is nothing that offers hope for a change. Regardless of the outcome we are promised more of the same anger, stagnation, and name-calling partisan histrionics that has paralyzed the nation and will continue to do so.

God only knows what is needed to alter the bleak reality that has already cost Middle America a 40 percent devaluation of their net worth and the downgrade of the USA.


Edward Horn

Baldwin, NY

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