2020 referendum
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Dear Editor,

The next presidential election may turn out to be a referendum on the virtues of socialism verses capitalism. The roots of these two opposite social systems is collectivism verses individualism.

The basic principle of our American social system is individualism. Only capitalism recognizes individual rights, that man is a sovereign individual who owns his person, his mind, his work and its products.

The collectivist ideal is “the public good comes above any individual rights.”

When every man is free to exist for his own sake, to work for the greatest good he can achieve for himself by his own choice and effort, the sum total of such individual efforts is what produced the highest standard of living on the planet and lifted people out of poverty.

Progress cannot be achieved by force, by confiscating and redistributing the collective wealth of the citizenry as proposed by socialists. Our educational system has failed to inform that our progress and prosperity is the result of the work, the energy, the creative over-abundance of those whose ability produces more than their personal consumption requires.

Socialists would have us believe that our prosperity and abundance was created by public sacrifices to the “common good”.

When listening to the candidates promising Utopia, keep in mind that history bears witness that socialism has been responsible for much grief and discontent.


Ed Konecnik 


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