"EMERGENCY!!! or The World Takes A Selfie."

posted by jslaff


2:00 PM
Saturday, August 16


Wise Towers, W. 90th St bet. Columbus & Amsterdam, New York, NY 10024


Theater for the New City's award-winning Street Theater Company opens its 38th annual tour August 2 with "EMERGENCY!!! or The World Takes A Selfie," a rip-roaring outdoor musical comedy about a New York EMT worker on a workingman's grand tour of the world, who decides to tackle global problems the way he does emergencies of his NYC beat.  Free performances will tour City streets, parks and playgrounds throughout the five boroughs through September 14. The piece has book, lyrics and direction by Crystal Field and musical score composed by Joseph Vernon Banks.

The hero of this musical is the kind of guy who starts his day at 4:30 AM and usually finishes about the same time. Every day, an EMT worker becomes inextricably entwined with the private lives of all kinds of New Yorkers, whose personal crises include traffic accidents, violent episodes, heart attacks and sometimes just plain loneliness.  He ministers to the widest variety of human beings, from vaudeville entertainers stricken with heart attacks in the midst of their finest act to loosely lovely ladies of the night, young planet-saving protesters and even an occasional investigative journalist, one of whom makes him a sidekick for a worldwide expedition. Thus begins an odyssey through trauma, violence, spying and accidental wars on a global scale.

Our hero realizes the whole world needs a cold compress and bandaging and vows to be part of it, even if it means starting at home, because in the worldwide body politic, we are all intertwined.  A laceration here ultimately hurts every part of the body; a stitch here will sooth pain there, even if our injury is from fracking, mass data collection, mountaintop removal, exporting of jobs, suppression of freedom of expression, homelessness, mistreatment of veterans or the actions of "American" corporations with no patriotic connection.