Varicose Veins: Beyond the Cosmetic

posted by ahorwitz


10:30 AM
Tuesday, July 24


Archbishop Iakovos Senior Center, 32-06 21st Street, Astoria, NY 11106


Varicose veins are enlarged veins that usually form in the legs because standing and walking increase the pressure in the veins of the lower body. For most people, they are a cosmetic concern and cause few symptoms. For some, though, they can cause aching pain and discomfort and lead to more serious problems. Our vascular specialist will discuss the diagnostic tools and treatment options available for treating varicose veins, including sclerotherapy, laser surgery, endovenous thermal ablation, vein stripping, endoscopic vein surgery and other procedures.

Dr. Paul Lajos is Associate Chief of Vascular Surgery at Mount Sinai Queens and Associate Professor of Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He also operates a vascular lab that accepts referrals from physicians throughout Queens and beyond. Dr. Lajos is board certified in thoracic, cardiovascular, vascular and endovascular surgery and specializes in the endovascular treatment of vascular disorders.

Dr. Lajos earned his medical degree from Tulane University School of Medicine. He completed a residency in general surgery at the University of Pennsylvania/MCP/Hahnemann University. He completed a fellowship in cardiovascular research at the Hospital Broussais Clinique Rene Leriche in Paris, a fellowship in cardiothoracic surgery at the University of Maryland and additional cardiac fellowships at Cleveland Clinic and Carolinas Medical Center.

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