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Ultimate Dental, Denture, Crown & Implants Lab

The Queens Ledger Featured Dental Lab For All Of New York City Is None Other Than: Ultimate Dental Lab. Contact them now at: Ultimate Dental, Denture, Crown & Implants Lab 150-28 Union Turnpike Flushing, NY 11367 (718) 591-3444
Ultimate is one of the leading Dental Labs in New York City & Nationwide. Our state-of-the-art full-service lab is located in the Flushing neighborhood of Queens, NY. As a fully digitally ready laboratory, we utilize the newest innovations, technology, processes, and products. We aim to provide clinicians with high-quality restorations and continuing education that can take any practice into the digital era. Our experts have the experience and tools necessary to ensure that our products are developed with superior precision, fit, esthetics, and function every-time out. Streamline your workflow and provide the best for every patient by choosing Ultimate as your dental laboratory partner today.
Our production line includes Dentures, Implants & Crowns. Our fixed restorations include Zirlux, BruxZir, Full-Contour Zirconia, IPS e.max, PFM, Full Cast & PMMA Provisional. Our removable solutions include ValPlast Flexible Partial Dentures &  ValPlast Cast Combo Partial Dentures. We offer complete, economy & economy acrylic partial dentures. Our Implants & Hybrids include Zirconia Hybrid Implant Bridge, FCZ Screw-Retained Hybrid Crown, Zirconia Abutment & Titanium Abutment. 
Call us today for a free consultation and price quote on are highest grade yet affordable Dental products.

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Health Care
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Ultimate Dental, Denture, Crown & Implants Lab

Ultimate Dental, Denture, Crown & Implants Lab

150-28 Union Turnpike
Flushing NY 11367
(718) 591-3444

Ultimate Dental, Denture, Crown & Implants Lab — Health Care — Flushing

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