Chiropractor East Village Near Noho 10003, 10009 & 10010
Dr Chiropractor NYC East Village Near Noho 10003 & 10009
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Dr. Chiropractor NYC

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Did you know that chiropractic care is one of the most effective noninvasive treatments for neck pain, back pain, and herniated discs? Luckily right here in the heart of Manhattan Dr. Chiropractor NYC has a top rated chiropractic clinic in East Village & Noho. Our warm, friendly, and professional chiropractic clinic has one priority, to help to ease your pain and prevent it from interfering with your everyday life. Using a series of the latest chiropractic adjustments and decompression techniques we can align your spine and neck, whether you were injured from an car accident, sport injury, or suffering from chronic pain. Our local clinic is in the center of East Village and Noho and easy to reach by public transportation. Schedule an appointment today with the top chiropractor in the area.


We are conveniently located near Forest Hills, Queens.

Categories: Health Care
Health Care
Board Certified: Yes
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By phone: (646) 854-5880


Dr. Chiropractor NYC

Dr. Chiropractor NYC

93 2nd ave
New York NY 10003
(646) 854-5880

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