Dr. Chiropractor NYC: 80 Maiden Ln New York, NY 10038
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Dr. Chiropractor NYC

The NY Ledger Featured Chiropractor In Manhattan, New York City Is None Other Than: Dr. Chiropractor NYC 80 Maiden Ln #9000, New York, NY 10038 (646) 822-3337 http://www.drchiropractornyc.com/. Call them now and get all your back issues straightened our and 100% in line - no pun intended.

A Message From the Owner:

At Dr. Chiropractor NYC our number one priority for our patients. We have implemented a superior approach to injury recovery and back alignment. Our trained and certified doctors work with each and every patient to address their injuries and get them on the back to full health. We are constantly integrating new techniques and methods that are gentle and pain free. Our number one job is to make our patients feel safe and show them that they don't need to be held hostage to their pain. By addressing the issues in the spine we can improve communication and recovery throughout the entire body. Our clinic in Downtown Manhattan is in the heart of the financial district and we are currently serving patients from Soho, Lower Manhattan, Tribeca, Wall street, Downtown Brooklyn, East Village, Murray Hill, & Tribeca. All over New York City we have built the reputation as the the most trusted Chiropractor in the area. To learn more contact us at: Dr. Chiropractor NYC 80 Maiden Ln #9000, New York, NY 10038 (646) 822-3337 http://www.drchiropractornyc.com/ info@drchiropractornyc.com

Categories: Health Care
Health Care
Board Certified: Yes
Business Type: Family Planning
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Medical License: Yes
Medicare/Medicaid Accepted: Yes
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By phone: (646) 822-3337


Dr. Chiropractor NYC

80 Maiden Ln #9000
New York NY 10038
(646) 822-3337

Dr. Chiropractor NYC — Health Care — New York

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