Physical Therapists NYC: 80 Maiden Ln New York, NY 10038
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Physical Therapists NYC

Physical Therapists NYC

Our Featured NY Ledger Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Clinic in Manhattan, New York City Is None Other Than: NYC Physical Therapists 80 Maiden Ln #9005, New York, NY 10038 646-868-5222

Physical Therapists NYC is here to offer everyone one who walks in our doors a  patient centered, first rate facility. Our Manhattan based team uses their experience to develop a customized recovery plan for every patient focused on their specific needs and ability. The approach is simple, using every tool we have at our hands to gain mobility and functionality for our patients.  Our greatest sense of accomplishment comes when we see progress in our patients, Your mobility does not have to be compromised and through our dedicated staff and techniques we can help you on this path. We help patients that are dealing with age or health related issues, as well as athletes looking for a way to get back in the game. Take the first step and call us today, we are centered in the heart of the financial district near Soho, Lower Manhattan, Tribeca, Wall street, Downtown Brooklyn, and just a short trip from  East Village, Murray Hill, & Tribeca.

NYC Physical Therapists 80 Maiden Ln #9005, New York, NY 10038 646-868-5222

Categories: Health Care
Health Care
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Physical Therapists NYC

80 Maiden Ln #9005
New York NY 10038
(646) 868-5222

Physical Therapists NYC — Health Care — New York

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