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Shulman & Hill | Bronx Workers Compensation Attorney

The Ledger Featured Workers Compensation Attorney In The Bronx Is Shulman & Hill. An Award Winning Work Injury Insurance Claims Expert in New York.

Shulman & Hill 910 E Gun Hill Road Ste. A Bronx, NY 10469 (718) 652-4700

So you may be asking yourself what make an attorney attain "featured" status with the Ledger Newspaper. The rating and recommendation is based on experience, verified 3rd party testimonials and official legal forum track records.

Shulman & Hill are documented leaders in this legal field and have battled and one many workers comp claims in which the employers insurance company was trying to short change the employees deserved injury compensation.

A search on Google for Shulman & Hill will reveal that no firm in their field has more verified testimonials than them online- see for yourself.

Finallly, Shulman & Hill have been recognized by Martindle-Hubbel as "Super Lawyers" in their field. This prestigious award in not given out by legal clients, rather a legal "watch dog" type of forum.

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Shulman & Hill | Bronx Workers Compensation Attorney

Shulman & Hill

910 E Gun Hill Road, Ste. A
Bronx NY 10469
(718) 652-4700

Shulman & Hill | Bronx Workers Compensation Attorney — Legal — Bronx

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