Empire Foreclosure Defense Bronx: NY Loan Modification & Short Sales
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Empire Foreclosure Defense | Bronx

FEATURED Ledger Foreclosure Defense Firm in Bronx, NY. Loan Modifications & Short-Sales Expert. Call Empire Today. Contact:
Empire Foreclosure Defense 131 west 169 st Bronx, NY 10452 (347) 220-8559 https://www.efdnyc.com/. Contact the Empire Bronx Foreclosure Defense team today and learn how you can stop foreclosure in it's tracks.
Empire was chosen as a "Featured" firm by our newspaper to their excellent customer satisfaction ratings and pricing plans. They have a long list of effective ways to help homeowners battle foreclosure. Their first goal is to keep you in your home and negotiate a plan that can achieve this goal. They have many years of experience dealing with short sales, loan modification and many other foreclosure related solutions.
Categories: Real Estate Business, Legal, Financial
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By phone: (347) 220-8559


Empire Foreclosure Defense | Bronx

Empire Foreclosure Defense

131 west 169 st
Bronx NY 10452
(347) 220-8559

Empire Foreclosure Defense | Bronx — Real Estate Business, Legal, Financial — Bronx

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