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Mava Law PLLC | Real Estate Lawyer Bronx

The FEATURED Ledger Real Estate Attorney in Bronx (Tremont, Belmont, Fordham & West Farms, NY Area). Call Mava Law @ 646-630-9092. Experienced Commercial Leases & Development Lawyer. Call or contact the Mava Law PLLC Bronx Foreclosure & Loan Modification firm @ 646-630-9092. Contact them today at: Mava Law PLLC 2415 Arthur Avenue Bronx, NY 10458 (646) 630-9092
Mava Law PLLC was chosen as  a "Featured Ledger" real estate lawyer for the top rated service and pricing they provide to the New York metro area. They scored high on all service variables.
Mava Law PLLC has years of experience dealing with residential & commercial real estate law. They offer property closing services for buyers and sellers as well as commercial leasing law services. They also provide legal services for real estate construction and development companies.
Categories: Real Estate Business
Real Estate Business
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Mava Law PLLC | Real Estate Lawyer Bronx

Mava Law PLLC

2415 Arthur Avenue
Bronx NY 10458
(347) 657-3667

Mava Law PLLC | Real Estate Lawyer Bronx — Real Estate Business — Bronx

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