Drew E. Schaefer At GSN Conference @ UN: Fight On Human Slavery
#Freedom Project..#Drew Schaefer..#Fight Slavery..

#Freedom Project..#Drew Schaefer..#Fight Slavery..



Freedom Project Advances Human Slavery Fight At GSN Conference @ UN

The CNN Collaboration on the media expose for human trafficking, an expose is being led by the Mosaic Federation, is in full swing.

One of the major contributors and advisory board member of the Mosaic Federation, providing a hefty donation to back the CNN collaboration along with a commitment to provide the technology resources and backing for the Federations platform technology, is Drew Schaefer, a venture capitalist and entrepreneur from New York. 

He learned about the projects needs while participating at the GSN conference at the United Nations and responded to aid the Federation to meet it goals. 

When Drew heard about the CNN Freedom Project and the many initiatives which the Mosaic Federation has created to end human trafficking he immediately got involved.  

He was quoted as saying that the 20+ million people living in slavery throughout the world need our help and that it's distressful to think about the fact the average cost of a human slave is roughly $90.00. Human Slavery needs to be eradicated and specific goals, actions and timelines need to be targeted and met to action results. 

Drew is a philanthropist that contributes funding and personal time only to causes that encourage and  engage active participation from benefactors that actively are involved with their financial commitments and deliver measurable results. 

The Mosaic Federation has succeeded in fighting human slavery using a 3-stage initiative that focuses on 1. Public service announcements and media collaboration with influential organizations such as CNN 2. Artificial Intelligence, or computerized technology that locates potential violators and "human trafficking hot spots" and 3. Law enforcement liaison services which significantly improve government and law enforcement communication procedures.

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Drew E. Schaefer, an established entrepreneur, has used his wealth and business knowledge to become one of the leading supporters in NYC & NJ area of the Mosaic Federation.

Contributed by: Human Slavery Watch Dog of NY on 10/22/2018