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Expert Medical Billing USA | Queens, NYC

Expert Medical Billing USA | Queens, NYC

Expert Medical Billing USA is a "Queens Ledger FEATURED" coding & billing service exclusively for doctors. Call or visit them today at: Expert Medical Billing USA 99-30 64th Rd. Rego Park NY 11374 (646) 431-6425
Our medical billing services are available nationwide. Our office is open to all those living in the greater NYC area including Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Westchester & Long Island.
Every doctor owes it to themselves and their patients to make sure their time is spent on medical side and never the billing, accounting and financing side. This firm has proven that they can streamline your medical practice by providing the best industry techniques for billing, coding revenue cycle optimization, management and private practice business support. Their proprietary analysis tool can generate you detailed report, outlining solutions for virtually every aspect of your practice.
Categories: Health Care, Financial, Services
Health Care
Board Certified: Yes
Business Type: Other
Business Type: Pediatrics and Child Birth
Business Type: Pharmacy
Business Type: Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
Business Type: Alternative Medicine
Business Type: Chiropractors
Business Type: Dentistry and Orthodontics
Business Type: Doctors, Clinics and Medical Center
Business Type: Eye Care
Business Type: Family Planning
Business Type: Home Health Care
Business Type: Hospital and Urgent Care
Business Type: Medical Equipment and Supplies
Business Type: Mental Health Services
Business Type: Nursing and Convalescent Home
Medical License: Yes
Medicare/Medicaid Accepted: Yes
Business Type: Payroll Services
Business Type: Accounting, Bookkeeping and Taxes
Business Type: Appraisal
Business Type: Bank
Business Type: Billing and Processing Services
Business Type: Collection Services
Business Type: Credit Union
Business Type: Financial Institution
Business Type: Financial Planning
Business Type: Investment
Business Type: Loan, Financing and Credit
Business Type: Mortgage and Real Estate
Business Type: Other
Business Type: Business and Proffesional
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By phone: (646) 431-6425


Expert Medical Billing USA | Queens, NYC

Expert Medical Billing USA

99-30 64th Rd.
Rego Park NY 11374
(646) 431-6425

Expert Medical Billing USA | Queens, NYC — Health Care, Financial, Services — Rego Park

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