Oscar Kazal A Winner; NSW Supreme Court Rejects Defence
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Oscar Kazal

Oscar Kazal

Oscar Kazal's defamation claim against Fairfax Media was strengthened on the 10th of February 2017 when judge Lucy McCallum of the NSW Australia Supreme Court was able to emasculate the defendants (Fairfax Media) claims and struck down their strategy of defence. It is safe to say that businessman Oscar Kazal was ecstatic about these results in his fight for the truth. The NSW Defamation Watch invites you to read the complete "Oscar Kazal On Top As Fairfax Defence is Rejected" story as written by The Australian. Sadly, it is all too common to see large corporate media giants attack business men trying to make an honest living. The NSW Defamation watch was created to help spread the truth and clear the name of innocent people who were targeted by slanderous claims against them and or their business.
Categories: Financial, Legal, Real Estate Business
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Oscar Kazal

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