Tony Kazal Offered $50k by Fairfax Media; NSW
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Tony Kazal

Tony Kazal

Fairfax Media of NSW Australia offered Tony Kazal 50,000 Dollars and sincere a sincere apology after he sued them and threatened serious legal actions over a defamation and slander campaign. It seems the breach of law against Tony Kazal as so significant that they Fairfax Media jumped on any opportunity to offer Tony Kazal a settlement. Read the full story about Legal Action Taken By Tony Kazal & Others Against Fairfax. Nowadays, It is way to common to find big media agencies slandering and defaming business men throughout the world. Human beings are naturally jealous of those who work hard and make it to the top. These inner feelings do not give them a right to defame or slander the innocent thereby costing them their reputation and their business growth. This reality of human nature is often or not always expressed through large media agencies who are paid off by interested party. The NSW Defamation Watch group was formed to spread to the truth about innocent victims who were illegally attacked by media channels and to help restore integrity into our society.

Categories: Financial, Legal, Real Estate Business
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Tony Kazal

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