Charif Kazal Confirmed Innocent by ICAC NSW
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Charif Kazal Innocent; ICAC NSW

Charif Kazal Innocent; ICAC NSW

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On the 28th of June 2017 Charif Kazzal was confirmed as innocent in the ICAC inspector report after 7 years of persecution. It was decided that the allegations were not legitimate and a public inquiry was not to be launched.

The Director of Public Prosecutions Office let the ICAC know there was no reason to press charges against anyone related to this Inquiry. In fact, they actually let the ICAC know of their stance five times. ICAC would not cave and continued to push legal action. Incredibly, the Commissioner of ICAC refused to accept the word of the States specialist litigants and after bypassing his legal staff to bring in the Deputy Director of the DPP, Commissioner Ipp eventually decided he didn’t like his explanation so he complained all the way to the Director of the DPP himself who had to hose Ipp down and put him back in his box. If that sheer bloody minded arrogance of refusing to accept the advice of the senior most litigants of the State of NSW does not concern the politicians of the State of NSW then it is abundantly clear where the true level of corruption exists in that State.

How can any ethical politician stand by and allow such witch hunts to be taking place unchecked on their watch as the protectors of the legal rights of their citizens?


This is not the only case with such unmitigated screw ups being allowed to tarnish the reputation of innocent victims, but it offers an insight into the sinister activities that can and are occurring in a body that does not have the checks and balances of a typical government agency and has been allowed to operate outside of its own legislation with politicians in fear of speaking against them out of concerns they may be targeted.


The report by the Inspector of ICAC to Parliament about Mr Kazal’s case was written by a retired former Judge and highly experienced legal practitioner. Just like his predecessor, the Inspector has called for the Parliament of NSW to introduce an Exoneration Protocol. This is the only solution to clear innocent victims like Mr Kazal who have been wrongfully accused because the same NSW Parliament previously rushed through overnight legislation that blocked the right of innocent victims like Charif Kazal from taking his case to Court to clear his name. Can you believe it? Because they knew they stuffed up with a number of cases, rather than hold ICAC accountable and correct the wrongs, they instead elected to legislate to say nobody previously accused of wrongdoing can go to Court to appeal for the manner in which they were falsely accused and had their reputation tarnished for life. Sorry people, the ICAC cannot be seen to have stuffed up monumentally so we will legislate a cover up. Congratulations NSW Politicians, you have officially demonstrated your willingness to go beyond where despot dictators of third world regimes have gone in the past.


The Politicians decided it was ok for certain NSW Citizens to have their reputations tarnished and businesses and careers destroyed by the word of an organisation that relies on cheap media stunts, political agendas and individuals with an arrogant pleasure in being able to attack people without sticking to the rules of law that include someone’s right to being treated innocent until proven guilty. It’s like pulling the wings off butterflies according to Commissioner Latham who took over from Ipp with the same arrogance and contempt for the rules of law.


The ICAC did not operate remotely on a fair playing field in Mr Kazal’s case. In fact, the only genuine evidence ICAC had was a statement that confirmed the media allegations at the time about Mr Kazal were completely false! Yet instead of releasing this evidence to quash the false allegations, the ICAC buried them because it didn’t suit their narrative on the case that by this time was well publicised and the fact was, the Commissioner himself had already breached his own ICAC Act by calling a Public Inquiry so he didn’t want to be publicly embarrassed by the truth then coming out.


So when the ICAC released details to lawyers for the accused of all the witness statements available for them to review, they conveniently left off the signed sworn statement that was in their possession clearing Mr Kazal and his co-accused of the serious allegations that had been published day after day on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald and repeated in other television and newspaper news stories across the country.


If that isn’t enough to highlight the appalling nature of why this case should never have been allowed, the sole witness for ICAC who claimed Mr Kazal did anything wrong was his former business partner who Mr Kazal was already suing at the time in the Cayman Islands and UAE for fraud and embezzlement and to wind up their company links. Mr Kazal’s co-accused just happened to be his key witness in that overseas litigation. Coincidence? Hardly! ICAC knew this vexatious witness was a disgruntled former partner and it was demonstrated during his testimony he had supplied false information to the Sydney Morning Herald. In fact, Special Counsel Assisting the ICAC, Mr Robert Newlinds SC was so stunned by the testimony of their star witness he told him to stop lying and just tell the truth. Lawyers for the star witness apologised for his behaviour claiming he was taking drugs without a prescription at the time. Yet the ICAC took the star witnesses testimony as reliable, kept the evidence of Mr Kazal’s innocence buried and hung him out to dry with a baseless charge that the DPP said had no merit.


So NSW has a Parliament that allows an Agency to operate outside of the law being supported by a major newspaper that even when exposed as having done the wrong thing, just kept on publishing the false allegations dismissed by ICAC in more than 30 articles about Mr Kazal and refused to correct the record when Mr Kazal wrote to them highlighting where their articles were false.


Any fair minded person would have to question where the true corruption lies in NSW. When you have a State Government and supposed independent media whose role it is to hold the politicians accountable being the ones demonstrating an absence of all ethics and integrity they swear an oath to uphold, what are fair minded citizens of that State meant to think about the future for the growing divide between the haves and have nots. Mr Kazal has fought for more than 7 years to expose this corruption and has called for a Royal Commission to investigate what he feels are alleged misuses of public office being carried out by those with an agenda to protect an exclusive club who feel entitled to manipulate the system to get what they want. Enough is enough. For Mr Kazal, this is something he will fight for until real justice is dispensed in the State of NSW.

After all this, the ICAC watch group is proud to report that the Kazal Family name has finally been restored. Sadly, the years of pain and suffering caused by these false claims have left their mark. All we can do is continue to report any ICAC abuse on the citizens of NSW and wake up our local politicians.

Possible Human Rights Abuse By ICAC Against Charif Kazal

Charif Kazal's attorneys have made a formal complaint to the UN's High Commissioner For Human Rights abuses against the NSW government corruption watchdog, the ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption). Ironically enough, it seems as if the NSW government watchdog is currently facing it's own potential corruption issues. Read the Australian article on Human rights, the ICAC & Charif Kazal now and learn more about how the NSW Parliament was presented with a significant and legally binding report  that the ICAC may have breached significant human rights laws in their treatment of Charif Kazal.


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