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Traffic Lawyer Long Island NY

A Queens Ledger Featured Long Island Traffic Lawyer: (516) 554-8771. Call The Benjamin Goldman Law Office now @ (516) 554-8771 for a fast & free quote on your Long Island traffic ticket. Losing points because of traffic violation will cost you a lot more down the line. The Benjamin Goldman Law Office won't settle for anything less but a clean verdict. We have many years of experience and success removing DUI/DWI, Cell Phone, Speeding, Seat Belt, Red Light and Tailgating offenses from our clients records. We work in local LI courthouses on a daily basis like the ones in Long Beach, New Hyde Park, Cedarhurst, Malverne and Huntington, Happauge, Islandia and the Hamptons. We have a commitment to delivering our clients with results and high levels of service. Call us today for a free quote or consultation.

Inquire About Our Queens Traffic Law Branch

That's right, Benjamin Goldman is now representing clients in Queens County. We have a new office in Forest Hills NY for anyone would like to schedule a free consultation. If you are looking for an experienced traffic attorney in Queens regarding a local violation give us a call today.

If you are looking any information about courts on LI we recommend you visit the Long Island Traffic Courts guide. It will help you get the specific information regarding the court that is connected to the Nassau or Suffolk township that you received your ticket in.

Best Legal Practices For Speeding Tickets

If you received a speeding ticket you may possibly be in a position where you can lose points on your license and pay for it on insurance premiums. Getting the advice of a speeding lawyer is the smartest thing one can do after receiving such a violation. The chance of succeeding in court in attaining a not-guilty verdict can be extremely difficult without proper legal representation. In addition, speeding violations that are 30 mph over the limit will get very little sympathy from the judge in court. The reason is because such a violation is not even close to any sort of "De-Facto" law which allows for some flexibility in violations that are a few mph over the limit. To make a long story short, higher tier violations for speeding will require a really good legal representative as the judge is going to look at you as a serious offender who puts peoples lived at risk. The legal repercussions in traffic law are high and you stand a lot to lose. Don't get stranded without a license or with high insurance fees, wise up and call a lawyer today.

Traffic Law On

That's right, Benjamin Goldman is being recognized in the legal field by one of the most prestigious names in the business. is not your ordinary law resource. They provide top rated attorneys in Long Island who are screened and given background checks. That alone makes all the difference as self made claims by a law firm mean very little. Finding a traffic lawyer on legal forum like this is a good idea because judges can be very intolerant of severe traffic violations. Your legal representative must be tough, firm and charming for the judge to give you a not-guilty verdict. Please visit our Long Island traffic law page today. You will learn about our firms history and you can see for yourself why we are a great choice to represent you for your traffic violation.


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Traffic Lawyer Long Island NY

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