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Medical Transports: EMS on-site

For decades, Richmond County Ambulance services of NYC has been the choice for all private ambulance services. Our staff is highly trained to provide the best medical and emotional treatments available today. We have contracts with some of the most highly respected medical facilities in NYC. We offer medical transportation services as well as EMS on-site and event standby services. Call us today to inquire about our private ambulance services, contracts & solutions. We are always minutes away from any NYC location and proudly the service all the 5 boroughs including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx. Call or visit NYC's Richmond County Ambulance servicestoday.

Interesting NYC Private Ambulance Information

If you are planning to open a private ambulance service the first thing to do is to decide which type of ambulance service you want to launch. You can choose between having an emergency ambulance service, a non-emergency service, or a crossover company that can serve both emergency and non-emergency cases.


Comparing the options, the simplest choice is a non-emergency private ambulance service because fewer skills and resources are required when compared to having a Manhattan style emergency services ambulance as that requires highly trained medical personnel for emergency purposes as well as highly specialized vehicles.


Operations and networking for startups


Operating an ambulance service company requires that you network with the local fire departments, medical professionals and hospitals. They are the key to getting to the market you want to cater to. In fact, it is best to consult with them and inquire if they need additional ambulance services while you are in the planning stages of starting your new private ambulance company.


Once you start your operations, the connections that you establish early on can greatly help you with your daily private ambulance services and its costs. Keep in mind that your business will also have to comply with current medical standards and privacy requirements.


Maintenance demands


For any fleet-based business, maintenance is essential. However, for an ambulance service that carries life or death consequences, vehicle maintenance is a necessity. Private sector ambulance companies should consider all their options and invest in a durable maintenance management solution to better streamline their service's fleet and maintenance processes.


The services that you can offer


Non-emergency ambulance services can do so many things. Among them are the following:


  • Transporting a sick person from their house to the hospital or vice-versa. An ordinary vehicle will not be suited if the passenger is someone who needs space and assistance. Even if it is not an emergency case, some passengers or patients may need an ambulance to move from one place to another.


  • Emergency ambulances particularly those from 911 deliver patients only to specific hospitals in specific distances from the location they were picked up. If the patient needs to see a particular doctor in a specific hospital, non public ambulances are the ones that offer this type of service.


  • Private ambulance services can also be a standby medical team in large gatherings or events. Companies hire non public ambulances when they have outdoor events. In case someone gets hurt, an immediate medical response can make all the difference. Large events absolutely need the services of private ambulances.


  • Some patients who need to go to a farther place for treatment or personal matters can avail of the non public emergency medical service company.

If you are a crossover ambulance service, you have more chances of getting customers during emergency cases such as during fire, calamities, or police crime scenes. Otherwise, you need to market your services the same way that most private businesses do. You can provide a website so they can easily search for it online, hand out brochures, spread the word, etc.,

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Medical Transports: EMS on-site

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