CDML Computer Security in Queens

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CDML Computer Services, Ltd.

System Security & Disaster Recovery
AMI's 2009 U.S. Small Business Annual Overview Study determined that 70% of U.S. small businesses experienced a data loss in the past year due to technical or human disasters. This resulted in an average loss of $4700 to each small business or $20 billion industry-wide. And those numbers do not take into account natural disasters (earthquake, hurricane) or opportunity costs of being in business if the data loss did not happen.
We offer enterprise security solutions that range from firewalls, junk email filters and managed desktop anti-malware products to on-line backup and hosted DR solutions.
Every business’ needs and capabilities are different, but each business needs to protect their data in order to remain in business. This is why we always conduct a comprehensive system analysis before making our recommendations. While some businesses can make due with a standard tape backup solution, others require full system fail-over to a remote hot DR site.
We have the training, expertise and capabilities to create a solution that fits your business.