NYC Poster Printing: The What, Why & How
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 Posters are a simple an effective method of advertising your product or service. It can be useful for small business and large corporations alike. They are less expensive than other forms of advertising, and with many services available it can be much easier than previously though.

Why Posters

Posters are a great option because they can focus directly on your area of specialty. The potential market is usually smaller than billboards or television ads, however an effective poster can communicate efficiently with your customer base and create a great marketing scenario. A well-placed poster can attract attention from pedestrians and travelers if in the correct location. This is an excellent way to convert leads into clients and even initiate a word of mouth campaign.

How Much

Certain factors could affect how much you will be spending for your posters. The ink and material used can increase or decrease the price and the quality as well. considerations should include what time of environment he poster will be placed in and what will be included in it. Some types of materials last for a long time as they absorb the ink better. If it will be outside you will need a material that can withstand weather variations. Different poster materials can excel in image or text content for superior quality. This is relevant also for long term plans, the better quality ink and material will wear out less quickly and allow you to change them less often. These might be more expensive than others, but you'll also receive higher quality for what you pay for. Because these posters will last longer, you won't have to replace them every now and then, which can cause more savings over time.

Poster size can also contribute to the cost. Although it’s tempting to just print one massive poster for the size of a road, this might not necessarily be the best option for everyone. It could be more cost effective to have multiple smaller poster and have them placed in strategic locations around town.

A final factor contributing to cost could be if your poster is professionally designed, today many printing agencies provide services to design or edit the poster for you.


With the large array of services today, posters can be developed and printed very quickly. There should be proper communication to set time frames and deadlines for when and where the poster will be needed. How many prints you need can be determined from the start or after the initial print so you can decide if you are happy with the final product. If you will need poster for a long period of time talk with your printing service to see if it is best to do one initial batch of to print new ones when the time comes for replacement or updates.

With an endless combination of printing services and poster type advertising by this method is simple and sure to produce results.

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