Safe Entry Points For NYC Homes: A Locksmith's Advice
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Maintaining a house which includes all of the doors and locks that are attached to the house entails a great deal of responsibility, and most importantly, financial stability. Upkeep takes a considerable percentage of every family’s savings; and if for example you live in a high end neighborhood in New York, home maintenance can become even more challenging. Hiring a locksmith and door contractor for secure entry points costs more in NYC then most areas in the united states. As we all know prices in New York can be extremely sky towering especially when it comes to home improvement. A garage, window, front, or entry door for example can become very expensive to replace and even repair. At the end of the day these are the entry points to our home and must be secure. The good news is that there are plenty of locksmiths and door companies in NY and if you do your research and get some good pointers you might even be able to install a new lock or door all by yourself DIY style. Maintaining your homes doors & locks can be easy even in a place like the Big Apple. Speak to many contractors and locksmith's about the various entry points to your home and the best ways to secure them.

What Kind of door Lock should I get?

Did you know that there are keys in today's market that cannot be duplicated without a special card that has a code on it. This is made by Mul-T-Lock. Basically, you open the box that contains keys and a door cylinder. You take the card out of the box and hide it. Now, nobody can ever duplicate that key except for you. This means that if you gave a tenant the key for example and he returns that key you can rest assure he did not copy the key and you as landlord will not have to waste more money on calling a locksmith and installing new locks.

Wood or Steel door & lock? 

This is a very important c­onsideration especially if you are after keeping maintenance cost as low as possible. While wooden doors are classic and more homely aesthetically, steel doors actually require little to no maintenance at all. If you are okay with repainting your door over and over due to weathering, then you can go for wood. However, if you are concerned about more efficient insulation and low maintenance costs, then you definitely need a steel garage door. Not to mention steel doors are a lot more secure for your family. Locksmiths recommend a good steel door with a cylinder and key system that cannot be duplicated. Locksmiths advise against wood doors since a burglar can cut around the lock and break into your home.

Door & lock security – Security is another important consideration. Do not forget to get the right type of security feature for your doors depending on the features you need. Do you need an electric lock and opener for your garage door or a just a standard one? Also, keep in mind that you cannot have a lock if you have an electric opener installed. This will greatly damage your garage door in case a family member accidentally locks the garage and then someone else tries opening it afterward. Do you want to go all out with a hardened cylinder and lock for your front door that can never be broken into? Not all locks are created equal and money does not like when it comes to the locks a locksmith can install on your doors. So speak to a qualified local locksmith that deals with brands like Mul-T-Lock and Kwikset to explain your different options to keep your home and children as safe as possible.

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