Security Gates 101 For Home Or Business: A Locksmith's Take
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What are security gates?

These are metal fixtures, usually made of steel or aluminum that are mounted in front of points of entry. These are usually found in storefronts, windows, and doors but are also used in private residences. These gates can roll down, fold to one side, slide in one direction, or swing open. Due to popular demand, security gates have became a widely sold product by the professional locksmith industry.

Why should you use a security gates?

The best deterrent for intruders and burglars is to make your home look more secure than others around it. This instantly decrease its likelihood of being targeted. Security gates have proven their effectiveness on several occasions for business owners and homeowners alike.

Security gates are vital to keeping your home or business safe. These gates provide an extra barrier to entry and exit, causing long delays for criminals and therefore deterring them from attacking your premises.

How strong are security gates

Security gates come in all shapes and sizes but are usually made with heavy duty materials designed to resist forced entry. The strength and durability of your gate will depend heavily on your provider. Several factors will come into play such as materials used and how it is installed. For an increased lifespan, be sure to ask your locksmith or home gates contractor for rust proof gates.

What types of security gates are there?

Security gates can be broken down into two main categories: residential and commercial. Commercial security gates don’t focus too much on aesthetics and are usually more durable than residential gates. A few examples of commercial security gates would be:

  • Roll down gates

Commonly made of perforated aluminum slats that run through a rail on both sides and roll neatly into an overhead box. Roll down security gates are costly and must always be installed by trained professionals.

  • Scissor style gates

Cost effective security gates that are usually made of carbon steel and don’t require professional installation, scissor style gates come in many different styles and are usually more aesthetically appealing than roll down gates.

  • Aluminum top track grilles

Flexible and available in several patterns and designs, these security gates allow you to see through them while preventing people from reaching within. These are usually found in use within retail stores and shopping malls.

Security gates for home use

The most common gripe to using security gates in residential areas is aesthetic concerns. This is caused by seeing the common types of security gates seen mostly on storefronts. There are actually various types of security gates available for home-use that are attractive and do not compromise on security. Majority of residential security gates are custom made so as to maintain aesthetic appeal with cohesive and fluid designs on the doors and windows.

Many security gates require minimal maintenance. Being made of metal, they can be cleaned with regular household cleaners. Moving parts and joints need only be lubricated once in a while.

Cost of security gates

The cost of security gates will depend on what you will be using them for (residential or commercial), the type of gate you choose (materials, designs, etc.) and the provider you find (retail store, locksmith or gates contractor). Compromising on your security and trying to save money with lower quality gates can cost you thousands of dollars down the road so make sure to only deal with a top rated locksmith & gates service. Several companies that focus on security gates also offer extended warranties along with after sales support.

Depending on the size, scope and location of the project prices can swing wildly from $50 all the way up to $10000. Depending on your needs and finances, you are sure to find a practical and sensible solution that suits your needs.

Written by Bobby Rose on 01/07/2014: A content writer for Safe Home Door & Lock of Flushing and Forest Hills. They provide the finest state-of-the-art door, lock, and security gates services in the five boroughs of NYC. We are proud to announce our brand new Forest Hills Locksmith super-center. Contact them at: Safe Home Door & Lock 137-42 70th Rd Flushing NY 11367 (718) 747-2222


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