Winter Home Exterior Maintenance: Painting is as Crucial as Roofing
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Home Exteriors Improvement
Home Exteriors Improvement

The weather this year has been extreme to say the least. The intense summer heat, the powerful ultraviolet (UV) rays we typically experience and the severe storms of the past few months, many of which produced damaging wind and hail, have taken their toll on the homes all across the United States. The combination of these elements can be devastating to the exterior of your home. While homeowners make repairs to roofing and windows, most fail to consider the harm the elements have caused to the exterior paint of their home. In addition, with winter only a few short months away, it is important that homeowners have their homes painted now before the ice and cold of winter will cause even more damage.

The Elements and Your Home's Exterior Paint


While most quality exterior house paints are designed to withstand the elements, over time they will eventually begin to breakdown causing cracking, peeling and chalking. This breakdown can become accelerated as the weather becomes more intense.

• Heat - Excessive temperature fluctuations can cause paint to crack and bubble overtime. Homes with more than one coat of paint are the most susceptible to heat damage. The difference in temperature between the exterior paint and the underlying paint layers causes stress fractures in the paint, resulting in cracks.

• Moisture - Blistering and peeling are often the result of moisture from excessive rain, dew, snow, ice on the outside of your home, and buildup of vapor and moisture from underneath the paint. Damage to the exterior of your home, or the paint, can allow moisture to build up behind the exterior paint. When this moisture penetrates the paint it can form paint blisters, which eventually peel.

• Ultraviolet Rays – In highly elevated areas in the Unites States UV rays are over 25% more intense than those experienced at sea level. UV rays breakdown paint pigments on a molecular level causing the paint's color to fade overtime. The UV rays also cause the resin within paint to slowly disintegrate, leaving a powdery, chalky film on the paints surface.

• Hail - Hail storms are a common occurrence all across the US. Several 2013 storms were very extreme. Hail damages your home's exterior paint and can produce cracks, chips and splits which moisture can penetrate, causing even more damage to your home's paint. This moisture can also cause damage to the structure of your home over time if left untreated.

Protecting Your Home from the Elements

There are a number of reasons why homeowners paint the exterior of their homes. A fresh coat of paint can not only transform a home, improving its curb appeal; it can also greatly increase a home's value. For these reasons, most homeowners looking to sell their home are advised by realtors to paint their home before putting it on the market.

One of the main reasons homeowners paint the exterior of their homes, however, is to protect it from the elements. Paint acts as a sealant and helps to prevent the deterioration of the home's exterior surfaces, which could lead to more expensive repairs later. After the extreme weather this Summer and Fall it is equally important that homeowners make sure the exteriors of their homes are properly painted and sealed before winter. Not only will the fresh paint help mend damage caused by the unusual weather, it will help prevent the harsh snow, sleet and ice from causing more costly damage during the winter months. Considering the weather the our country has already experienced this year in cities like Denver and NYC, our winter is bound to be an "exciting" one.

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