Candidates meet the Friends of Rockaway Beach
by Andrew Shilling
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Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner speaks at the Friends of Rockaway Beach forum
Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner speaks at the Friends of Rockaway Beach forum
Sen. Tony Avella speaks about his campaign for borough president
Sen. Tony Avella speaks about his campaign for borough president
The Rockways have become a political stomping ground for policy rants and stump speeches as New York City gets closer to the September primaries.

Mayoral candidates Joe Lhota, John Catsimatidis, John Liu, Sal Albanese and Anthony Weiner, attempting to overcome a devastating sexting scandal, were out wielding big promises and keeping their focus on the voters of the coastline community at a Friends of Far Rockaway Beach meeting.

“Very often Rockaway is not just an isolated place, but it’s a forgotten place in the city of New York,” Weiner told his former congressional constituents.

Like the other candidates, Weiner vowed to once again focus on transportation on the peninsula, to provide better ferry service and rebuild the damaged beaches and boardwalks.

Residents also called for more dunes and rock jetties, and assistance creating a more affordable flood insurance program at the forum.

Palmer Doyle attended the meeting to ensure the next mayor doesn’t forget the neighborhood is still in the rebuilding process.

“Under the last three mayors, we’ve been a dumping ground for homeless shelters, halfway houses, and we’re looking to be a community to really build up from the storm,” Doyle said.

Other attendees vying for a post in the 2013 elections included borough president candidates Melinda Katz and Tony Avella, public advocate hopefuls Letitia James and Cathy Guerriero, and several City Council candidates.

Several residents also demanded a revitalization of the Rockaway Beach Line to help rebuild and prevent future isolation following storms like Hurricane Sandy.

As a resident of Forest Hills, a neighborhood that has notoriously been against the revitalization of the line advocating instead for a new greenway, Katz waffled on taking a position.

“I think it’s a great discussion to have, and in January after I get elected we will have it,” she said.

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Philip McManus
February 06, 2014
Are you sick and tired of long, slow, dangerous, unreliable and overcrowded roadways, buses and trains going to work, school, home, etc?

How long does it take you to get to work or school?

Are you forced to take an undesirable job or school because it takes too long to get to a better job or school?

It's been a long time since the subway was completed in Queens with few improvements.

Why don't we expand and increase access to more areas of Queens through faster transportation?

Why does it take 2 1/2 hours to cross Queens from Bayside to Rockaway?

You're stuck in traffic because our political decision makers refuse to accept reality.

We are doing very little to reduce excessive overcrowding and travel times on our roadways, buses and trains.

A recent report stated our transportation systems are getting more crowded and taking longer. This is insidious and destroys our economy.

When are we going to wake up and realize we can't do nothing?

The NIMBYs cannot deny the Queens Rockaway Beach line or the expansion of our transit system.

We must address this crisis now or we will lose jobs, tax revenues and property values. The results will be disastrous. High unemployment and low income is one reason we have crime.

To prevent crime and poverty we must teach and help people to make money.

You've heard the expression "Time is Money."

The goal of the Queens Public Transit Committee is faster transportation and increase access to social and economic opportunities.

Faster transit saves time and money.

Money saved is money earned.

Increased income will help people improve their lives and their neighborhoods.

What would happen to our City if a small politically powerful group took away your roadways, buses and trains?

How can you get around and live the American dream?

That's what happened to the Queens Rockaway Beach Line in 1950 and 1962.

That's what happened when they put a toll on Queens' Cross Bay Boulevard.

That's what happened when they stopped ferry service to Queens.

That's what happens when they refuse to maintain our infrastructure, sewage plants, roadways, bay seawalls and beach protection.

That's what happens when you increase transfer times on the Rockaway Shuttle train and the A train to Far Rockaway.

That's what happens when you double travel times in 1956 and charge a double fare in Queens.

A man made disaster creates mismanagement, fear, poverty, unemployment, crime, disease, and terrible suffering.

We are not going to take it anymore.

Thank you to Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder and Assemblywoman Nily Rozic, New York Daily News, Congressmen Meeks and Jeffries, State Senator Avella, Assembly District leader Lew Simon, Queens Community Boards 5 and 14, Sal Albanese, Cathy Guerriero, Peter Vallone Jr., for their support for faster transportation.

Please ask your family and friends and commuters to sign our petitions to support the Reactivation of the Queens Rockaway Beach Line, the New Queens Crosstown, eliminate the toll on the Queens Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge for everyone and expand the Queens Rockaway Ferry:


Philip McManus

Queens Public Transit Committee