Is Ridgewood the new home of the Legion of Doom?
by Andrew Pavia
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The Legion of Doom, a motorcycle club with chapters across the country, has apparently settled in Ridgewood.

The club actually originated in Brooklyn, and now has chapters as far south as Florida and as far west as Wisconsin. At last week's 104th Precinct Community Council meeting, a Ridgewood resident said motorcyclists take up numerous parking spaces and don’t respond favorably to complaints about loud noise.

The man, who asked not to be named, said the group has been hanging out at Linden St. and Woodward Ave., and believes that three or four of the members rent an apartment nearby.

“A motorcycle gang is a motorcycle gang,” said the resident. “Not to say they’re all bad, but they have been smoking weed, drinking, and hanging out.”

The resident said that anywhere from 20 to 40 members of the club attend parties on the block, and that parking, which was already an issue, has gotten worse.

Following a description of the colors, club name and behavior, another resident said he thinks the club is nothing new to the 104th Precinct.

“I think these folks use to rent a spot in an apartment building on Gates Ave. and 60th Ln.,” he said.

“We’ll take care of this,” said Captain Christopher Manson. “I have a couple of specialized units that would love this stuff. My gang is bigger than their gang, trust me.”

Manson added that he will work with the club to ensure they are good neighbors, stating that some motorcycle groups do positive things for the community.

In a follow up with the 104th Precinct, police officers have attempted to reach out to the Legion of Doom since the meeting by visiting the intersection, but have not been able to locate any club members.

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Spud McDougal
January 31, 2017
Does anyone know where I can buy a LOD MC biker vest? There were some for sale on Ebay but not anymore. I want to get one for my GF for Halloween. If LOD is not a real biker gang like Hells Angels or Lost Boyz it shouldn't cause a problem.
Jorge Martinez
January 14, 2016
They just a bunch of lil punks sitting around in an old garage and they all drive cars so I don't get why they call themselves an MC.

Back in the day mi mano was in the Chingalings and they rode all year round - they were the real thing 100% badasses

These LOD putos are just wannabe outlaws in Honda Civics. I would take them on any day and I'm 74!!!

Mandu Patnik
August 11, 2014
The Devil is right just because this queens gang has a gay lifestyle does not mean they are bad people!

But what is a 1% M/C? low fat?
Bob DiMatteo
May 15, 2014
Some legion of doom bikers were observed openly engaging in homosexual activity. I am not prejudiced but this is a family neighborhood!
The devil
July 24, 2014
Your the one that needs to come out the closet fag boy!!!!

1% - M/C is a way of life, you don't like it? Lock your self in your closet gay boy. That's right your already are lmfao PUSSY!!! No offense to my gay ppl love you all. But when fags like this talk shit just makes me wanna put my boot up there ass.