Greenwood Park beer garden is making noise
by Andrew Pavia
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Greenwood Heights residents can’t deal with the noise coming from a local beer garden, and expressed their frustrations at a recent meeting with the owners.

Their primary concern is that the owners of Greenwood Park, located at 555 7th Avenue, have requested additional noise permits for the summer months.

The bar features an outdoor area where patrons play bocce ball and listen to music in the warmer moths. Nearby residents have said that the noise from the courtyard has become a problem.

In an attempt to get the ball rolling on a solution, Community Board 7 facilitated the meeting at the 72nd Precinct.

“We’re just trying to be good neighbors,” said Diane Vasilakos, co-owner of Greenwood Park.

Vasilakos said that the bar is seeking noise permits, which cost $45, for the summer months. When asked how many, she said as many as she can get her hands on.

The permits would require that noise from the bar not be audible 100 feet away, but many of the residents already complaining about the noise live within that buffer zone.

Neighbor Drummond Potter said he doesn’t mind the noise from the customers, calling it “white noise.” However, the loud music disturbs him.

Officer Dean Hanan, Community Affairs officer with the 72nd Precinct, said that in the two years the bar has been in operation there have been zero summonses issued to the bar regarding excessive noise.

Hanan suggested residents request that the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) do a noise level test in their home. However, Potter said that he would need the DEP to be in his apartment late at night and is skeptical that would actually happen.

Along with the noise, neighbors complained about incidents of public urination and the loud manner in which drunk individuals leave the bar. One man said that he has seen countless cases of drunk driving occurring.

Fred Xuereb, chair of Community Board 7, praised Vasilakos and Greenwood Park for even showing up to the meeting.

“We have problems with bars,” said Xuereb. “They don’t care about the community and don’t want to get involved. At least [Greenwood] has agreed to meet with you.”

Vasilakos said that she would be willing to discuss the possibility of turning the speakers in the bar to face inward rather than directing outside.

“It’s just going to bounce off the wall,” said Potter.

Vasilakos also said that she would also consider the possibility of including portable toilets in an attempt to prevent public urination.

“We are taking everything you said today very seriously,” she said. “We are willing to consider anything.”

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August 02, 2013
How about Greenwood park doing something to keep their drunk patrons from hanging out on my stoop that is directly across from the bar? I really don't enjoy being harassed every time I walk into my apartment at night. I have lived in this neighborhood for years and now it is completely ruined. Just the other night the police blocked off the street and had somewhere around 4 guys in handcuffs in front of the bar. I couldn't even get in my apartment building. How come this is not on the news? Music in our lives is fine but drunk people harassing the life long residents of this neighborhood is not.
David T
May 16, 2013
Good for Greenwood Park for taking these complaints seriously and meeting with the community. I hope a compromise can be reached. We need more music in our lives, and this would be a great venue to have it at. Just so long as it's at a reasonable hour for the neighbors.