Bomb threat at Brooklyn's Grand Street Campus
by Andrew Shilling
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When you see something, you say something, and following the Boston Marathon bombing last week and recent news of possible follow-up attacks in Times Square, Brooklyn students and police are heeding the warning with great caution.

As students were exiting the L train subway station on their morning commute to the Grand Street Campus High School last Thursday morning at around 9 a.m., they were told to turn back when police say they found a suspicious package at the Grand St.-Wesbury St. bus stop.

The campus was immediately evacuated and hundreds were asked to stay off school grounds for up to two hours, according to several students walking away from Williamsburg campus.

“There was a suspicious package in front of the building,” said Department of Education representative Margie Feinberg. “Students had to be evacuated to the athletic field in the rear.”

Although they were told it was safe to return to school after it was determined the package was just an abandoned brief case, many students had already left for the day.

After exiting the L train at Grand Street, 10th-grader Johnathan walked toward the J train after police advised that he and his friends leave school grounds because of a possible bomb threat.

“We asked them what happened and if we could step up on school grounds, and they said ‘no,’” Johnathan said. “We asked them why and they said ‘there was something in the tunnel.’ When we asked if it was a bomb, they said, ‘possibly.’”

Although the school started letting students back in soon after the scare, Johnathan and his friends, who live in East New York, called their parents, and like many of the students, immediately returned home.

“They were letting everyone in, but we don’t feel comfortable in the school,” he said.

Jason Grey, a 9th grader, was also walking to the J train after hearing a similar story.

“I came off the L train and we just saw caution tape,” Grey said. “The security guard said there was a package or a suitcase, and there were rumors there was a bomb there.”

Ana Pena came to pick up her nephew Alex Enrique immediately after hearing there was a “bomb threat.”

“In the moment, you don’t think,” Pena said. “You just want to get out of the house and find out what’s going on.”

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