Building collapse still on the mind
by Maria Thompson
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The collapse of the building at 78-19 Jamaica Avenue is on everyone’s mind. The dominant thought being thankful no one was injured or killed. This location was an accident waiting to happen, with double-digit violations that were not addressed over the years.

My questions are after the violations were issued why was there no follow up by the Buildings Department to verify if these violations were corrected? It is very interesting that after the collapse, there were many workers on site, scaffolding went up so fast and the debris cleared. Why didn’t they, the owners do this, place the scaffolding and correct the problem of these violations, years ago?

Right after this collapse occurred, we looked at the pictures my office aide John Komninos had taken on site. We were at first shocked, concerned and then relieved and thankful that not one of our pedestrians or firefighters were hurt or killed. Just looking at the crushed cars told us how bad it could have been. There are many questions to be answered here and your Woodhaven Business Improvement District will be asking them.

Good news! Hopefully the senior citizens from the Woodhaven center will be back in their home Monday, April 29. Our spring weather with April showers has arrived. The weather has not affected the shopping on our Woodhaven’s Business Improvement District who are taking care of BIDness on our “Everything Avenue.”

We have many new businesses opening in our WBID, soon to come to join our excellent Scaturros, our two CTowns, and our Compare is an additional supermarket. Also opening recently was a large medical therapy facility. More on our new openings and our mainstays of our WBID to come in my future articles. Our established stores and businesses and new stores opening all contribute to our Woodhaven’s Jamaica Avenue offerings of so many diverse goods and services.

To be noted now that spring is here, it is a good time to neuter or spay your pets, for there are so many unwanted due to overpopulation. The ASPCA reminds us that you should report animal cruelty to (212) 876-7700 and foster kindness and respect toward animals in our young children.

Become an active member of the ASPCA, encourage all those that you know to make a shelter animal from the ASPCA or a rescue group (Bobbi and the Strays - 718 326-6070) your first choice when you want a pet to add to your family. Please support your ASPCA or a local organization or shelter.

The City Council district lines have now been finalized. These lines affect Woodhaven by giving most of Woodhaven to Honorable Eric A.Ulrich and a small part of Woodhaven, including Forest Park, to Honorable Elizabeth S.Crowley. Our community is fortunate that we have retained our original council persons who know our Woodhaven well.

Again our firehouses are being threatened with closure, especially Engine Co. 294. Again we will have to rally with our elected officials, especially Honorable Elizabeth S.Crowley, to keep this engine company open, for although located it is in Richmond Hill, it responds and back up our Woodhaven Engine Co. 293. We will keep you posted as to the rallies and any activities.

Last year I attended a Holocaust Remembrance Day observance, listening as survivors spoke of their sad horrible experiences. These survivors, now all elderly, have families and live happily here in America. We can not forget.

The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season will be “above average” with 18 tropical storms, 9 of which will be hurricanes. This forecast comes from Colorado State University. Hopefully, these hurricanes will not make landfall here, for in 2012 we have had our share, for many years to come.

Finally, our Woodhaven Business Improvement District and our Greater Woodhaven Development Corporation join our community of Woodhaven in grieving for the brutal loss of lives and the many injuries caused by the terrorist attacks in Boston and Watertown.

We share with them the agony and tears for loss perpetrated by terrorists, so familiar to us due to 9/11/01. To these terrorists we say justice will be done and America, and we as Americans, will prevail.

May God bless our leaders, may God bless our armed forces, coalition forces and disabled veterans, and may God bless America.

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