The Real Deal-Real Estate news Update by jimmyturano
The last year of low mortgage rates
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The Real Deal-Real Estate news update.....
by jimmyturano
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This is the last year of low mortgage rates....

With 36 years years of experience please adhere to my advice.

Putting it simply like life itself, there is a beginning and there is always an end. During 1979 to present, October 2, 2014 I have witnessed the fluctuations in home prises, and mortgage rates for decades.

For those who were to young to remember in the early 1980's mortgages rates hit 17%. A fact, and you can google everything I am telling you.

Home prices were low, but rates were sky high. Now you have home prices sky high and still climbing and low, low mortgage rates.

If you haven't bought yet this year, this may be your last opportunity.

I am making you aware with my experience, that the end is near.

What happens next year in 2015 may surprise you and even shock you.

Cause and effect.....

If you learn from the past you can be prepared. The cycles of Real Estate, mortgage rates, the economy, the stock market, and events around the World, determine which way we will be going for the next 5-10 years. I am not trying to alarm you instead trying to prepare you of events that may occur real soon.

Since 9/11 look at World events. Look at our Country, and Middle East Countries, and now for the first time, look at what is going on in China. Read and educate yourself on current events. Even if you already purchased a home. See by googling the top 10 best selling books today on the market.

Be ahead of the curve. Life is full of bumps and hurtles. Just know how to deal with it when it comes and you will be okay.

Your typical Real Estate Broker, does not write hundreds of Blogs, or articles in web sites, & newspapers like I have done for 36 years.

Being unique is an advantage, helping buyers and sellers is my job since 1979. 

References.....Read the new Book-The Collapse of China.

Read the new Book-The coming depression in America.

Jim Turano/Broker-Diverse Real Estate-Middle Village,NY
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October 05, 2014
*The New Trend* Real Estate-Ridgewood,NY 11385

by jimmyturano

*The New Trend* Real Estate-Queens,NY

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Many know what happened in the area of Greenpoint, since 7 years ago. And the buyers are spilling over to other areas the last 12 months. One area in particular is Ridgewood,NY.

Buildings in Ridgewood are being remodeled back to Pristine condition lately. Surrounded by trains making traveling easier to get to work is a big benefit for buyers and renters alike.

With 36 years of experience in the Real Estate Business, it is no secret that investors are purchasing buildings in Ridgewood at a high rate currently.

Many residents who were born in Greenpoint and moved away can't believe where the prices are right now in their old neighborhood. And the same thing is happening in Ridgewood New York.

The old neighborhood of Knickerbocker Avenue has transformed into a Gold mine for buyers. Imagine 6 rooms over a store for $3,000 rent per month? Six Families in Ridgewood used to be around $685k to $750k just three years ago. Now they are selling for $1.4 to $1.6 million dollars.

A current example, October 5th, 2014-I attained a 12 family brick, in Pristine Condition, that would require no work at all, just a few days ago. The apartments are comprised of one bedroom apartments and Studio apartments. Less tenants to occupy, less expenses, and in 48 hours I received 47 inquires. That is remarkable. So this week, I will have a weekday Open House, and next saturday and sunday an Open House. When you see all the improvements, and overall condition made to this spectacular building, you will be totally amazed.

The definition of an Investment Property, and or a 1031 exchange property.

At $2.5 million asking, it looks like a quick deal and a great buy.

Jim Turano/Broker-Diverse Real Estate


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