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Lock & Door DIY & Safety Tips From A Queens Locksmith
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A Step-by-Step Guide on Changing Home Door Locks
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Moving to a new apartment or a newly-acquired home sure is exciting and thrilling for a lot of reasons. You are finally in your own place! While moving to your own place sure is a thrilling experience, it is also full of responsibilities. In all the excitement you may be forgetting some important things you must do before settling in – like changing the locks. When living in a big city changing your locks is never a problem as there are hundreds of locksmiths just one call away. However, if you consider yourself crafty, a DIY'er, or are on a particularly tight budget, you might consider learning to change the locks on your own in order to save some money. To help you through this process of becoming an amateur locksmith I have put together a step-by-step guide on changing home door locks

  1. Prepare your materials – First of all, prepare your materials. You will need: of course, a new doorknob with a new set of keys, a screwdriver, and an optional rubber mallet.

  2. Time to loosen up some screws – Using your screwdriver, remove the screws on the plate on the inner edge of the door. This is the flat metal through with the door latch extends and keeps the door closed when you turn your keys. After this, remove the strike plate on the interior side of the doorjamb (the vertical portion of the frame onto which a door is secured).

  3. Remove the knobs – Remove the screws on the knob plate and pull the knobs apart carefully. Use a rubber mallet in case the some of the door paint holds the knobs in place. This usually happens when the door gets painted with the knobs on. Be careful not to chip the wood though!

  4. Remove the lock cylinder – Through the hole where the knobs originally were placed, push the lock cylinder using your screwdriver or anything you can reach it with. It may not always come out easily, so be resourceful with the materials you could use to push it out. Also remember that in some cases, homeowners need to use a lubricant to pull it out, so prepare some lubricant or oil as well.

  5. Put the new cylinder in place – Observe the holes and the placement of the old doorknob, and then screw the new cylinder and plate into the hole on the edge of the door. Check the correct placement of the latch to ensure that your doorknob will work properly. Always check the manual to double check which side faces what side. You would not want to do this over and over as you may damage the doorknob eventually and be forced to pay a locksmith to finish off the job.

  6. The new knobs come in – Put the two new knobs together on either side of the doorknob hole. Remember that the knob with the screw goes on the interior side of the door. Be sure to place the spindle in correctly so the mechanism works perfectly.

  7. Secure the knob in place – The last thing to do is to secure the doorknobs with screws. Fasten all parts, including the new metal cover plate and the strike plate on the doorjamb with screws. Use your new keys to test if door lock mechanism is working correctly and behold, you are now an official amateur locksmith.

So whether you actually enjoy installing new locks and doorknobs, or just want to avoid the fees of using a locksmith, follow this easy guide and you can become a pro in no time.

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Written By Bobby Rose: on 10/24/2013; A contributor for Safe Home Door & Lock



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Mike Litcher
February 06, 2015
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