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The Major Online Sources for Online Freelance Writing Jobs
by GwainSalter
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Writing on a freelance basis in the Internet has become an engaging and profitable work for many amateur or professional writers because of the easy access and availability of the Internet that would enable many writers to offer their freelance writing services to various websites in the Internet. But because of the presence of many online freelance writers and the tight competition among those writers in obtaining employers or clients, many freelance writers would engage in doing writer work specialisations.


The work specialisations offered by freelance writers include academic writing jobs, business writing jobs, web content writing jobs, technical writing jobs, medical writing jobs, legal writing jobs, press release writing jobs, and other freelance writing specialisations. Because of the tight competition in the Internet for obtaining freelance writer work projects and the presence of many employers or clients who are choosy in getting the freelance writers they need, an amateur writer should know the types of websites where he could obtain online freelance writing job offers or projects.


If you are an amateur writer who is just starting in the freelance writing market, the main online sources for freelance writers are the websites of online job marketplaces for freelance workers or talent and online career agencies for freelance writers. An online job marketplace for freelance talent is a website where individuals could offer their freelance services such as web design and graphic design, website development, search engine optimisation, copywriting, cop editing, writing, proofreading and editing, journalism and press release writing, and other freelance services that could be performed through the Internet or other online methods.


In an online job marketplace, an individual would just register for free, post his profile and fill up the information about his qualifications such as educational background, work experience, skills, and portfolio of projects. Afterwards, the registered member would wait for his profile to be viewed and read by potential clients or employers so they could make job offers for writing projects. An online career agency hires the services of freelance writers through its official website. The agency would post the qualifications of the freelance writers they need, and the writer pay rates.

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July 17, 2011
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